* Today is the last day of nablopomo..... sorry, I have nothing to say about it yet. Instead you will get the little bits of somethings that I haven't thought through all the way.
* During nablopomo I've definitely ruled out my ever having
hypergraphia. Unlike Robert Shields, who I personally found, diary-wise, to be ultra creepy. Did he really find himself THAT fascinating? This is just a glimpse of the useful information you can find in Wikipedia when you are bored to death at work.

* Did you know that as of today Wikipedia lists 30 ongoing conflicts? Sadly, I cannot name all of them.
* Here is another something completely unrelated but slightly (ever so slightly) more upbeat: look at all the lovely lights...

*Yes, I know, it really is 3 minutes of lanterns floating up to the sky. But did you notice how they kind-of look like jelly fish? Also, can you imagine how incredibly messy it would be? (This is why you should never do janitorial; it will come back to haunt you the rest of your life, all you will think about is how messy everything is).
* Tonight, I am going to perform an anti-bad juju ceremony. This will involve some new yarn, a bottle of wine, some chocolate and not answering the phone. Hopefully this will break the week of cursedness that has befallen everyone I know.



I politely gave my father an ultimatum yesterday. I told him he and mum needed to talk and decide what they are going to do with the house, either they could rent it or sell it. This was after he called me at work (at a moment when I had an office overflowing with people) to tell me they are not moving back this winter. I’m trying to block out my clamoring, jumbled thoughts. It’s actually not working to well, but I really am trying. Should I start packing? Should I have a yard sale? Should I jump off the bridge?
There's only one thing to do in this circumstance.

I am going to Beth's and drink some coffee.

****NOTE: you've got to check out the results for the NPR poll.........i am speechless



Here it is: a song for today.....

If you haven't checked out NPR expanded website, please do. It's really impressive. You can hear world cafe interviews, there's a feature called song of the day so you can discover new things, full length concerts, & the NPR shop has very green/organic gifts for the granola in your life. Yes, I know I sound like a walking advertisement, but I found it all very exciting. So we are going to do a little poll - you know, to break up my blogging monotony. Here goes...
Speaking of green products, you should check out the gDiaper * review over at mighty girl. I love that they are not only functional but stylish AND no nasty diapers stinking up the house.

*(I am aware that these are products I do not now need, nor plan to anytime in the future. I just thought they were cool.!



Look! After this only three posts to go! I just stumbled onto songza (why couldn't I have found this earlier, I could have tortured my two readers with a song a day). This has been playing in my head all week, so I bequeath it to you and now it can play in your heads all week. So here it is: a little time bomb for your day...



I am watching 'How I met your mother' and resting up a bit. I made turkey pot pie with leftovers and now I am in a turkey sleep haze. I loved last weeks episode. Here is a clip:

Jen, I have been searching hat patterns. Do not fear, your little, wee ears will be toasty again soon. I am all over it.


11.25.07 Sunday

Dinner is done. yay (am soooooo tired)
My turkey was exceptionally yummy, the mashed potatoes beautiful (russet, red and yams, all smooshed together), the gravy......how do I put this? It was green. Booger green. I forgot that I threw out the 'Kitchen Bouquet' gravy coloring last week. Then I remembered I had thrown it out - after I added the sage to the gravy and it turned a disturbing shade of booger green. Thankfully it mellowed with some black pepper and a whole lot of cooking. Then it was just light greenish-grey. Good thing it was yummy.

Jen, did you find your hat and mitts? How do you feel about Berets? I keep seeing cute knitted beret patterns everywhere, but am not so excited about wearing one. Hats don't do anything for me. I see a new one and I think 'This one will be different'. 'This hat won't turn on me.... it will be cute forever.' Yeah, it does sound like an abusive relationship. Isn't the first step admitting I have a problem?



Just a few thoughts, you know, to pass the time (and make my quota)
  • I am watching Van Morrison on Austin City Limits - I went many years without seeing what he looked like, just hearing his voice. I have to say when I finally saw him - not at all what I had pictured. I love 'brown eyed girl' but I have always had a unreasoning hatred of 'gloria'. You should see the Van Morrison crowd dancing and singing, they're hilarious.
  • Have you seen that AT&T commercial? You know the 'more bars in more places, AT& T'? Who else immediately thought it would been better, as in funnier, if the commercial had shown drinking establishments?
I am having a very, very difficult time channeling any creative thoughts here people. I am soaking my turkey in apple cider brine, watching sappy television and drinking a Corona, this is as good as it gets.




Do I have a type?
I was talking to my sister Jen on the phone and my dorky self had to admit to a little crush on Seth Green. I even made it through a whole episode of Grey's Anatomy this week (a show I normally scorn) because of Seth's magical presence. And since blood started squirting out of his neck at the very last second of the episode, they have now ensured that I will watch next week's episode as well. (If they kill him, I will never forgive them. I don't care it's only pretend. There are some lines you do not cross.) Finally Grey's has snagged me. All because of Seth Green. I thought my type was, you know, tall, dark, handsome. Cary Grant circa The Philadelphia Story crossed with Clive Owen circa EVERYTHING. Apparently I don't know my own type at all. But then I guess it's not surprising I find Seth Green attractive considering he is one of the brains behind Robot Chicken.
I wonder if he'd convert?

This is what happens during NaBloPoMo. Here I am, spilling all my inner dorkiness......I'll stop now.



Does this word seem suspect? deipnosophist: one skilled in table talk. I think Dictionary.com is trying to swindle me.
This morning I slept in, (yay!) ate fried potatoes, drank coffee, baked peach pie - was too involved in pushing daisies to make it last night - a whole lot of NOTHING! I love holidays. My pie spilled all over the bottom of the oven so I am cleaning it right now. I love self-cleaning ovens. I am sitting here watching tv, rambling to you and cleaning my oven, ALL at the same time. I'm that good. I invited a whole butt-load of people over for dinner Sunday so my oven needs to be pristine before then, and the house probably needs at least three days to air out. My friend Laura and her huband are coming to visit her family tomorrow and I insanely invited then all to dinner on Sunday. Eleven doesn't sound like not that many people, but than they arrive and I think they expand.
I ended up watching Daddy Long Legs today which I had, bizarrely, never seen before. It seemed pervy to me. Astaire was very, very pervy.
I thought this was hilarious.



a cat stevens song in pushing daisies, brilliant!
the show just keeps getting better and better.

during which I finished up my Everest Vest. i have picked up stitches along the bottom and added several inches of ribbing, so it's now a more appropriate length. I have to narrow down my choices and choose a new project. or finish an old one. yeah, it didn't sound that exciting to me neither.
Tomorrow.... sleeping in is my big plan.



Due to extreme laziness I'm posting a skit from Robot Chicken, I promise to try harder later on in the week. Really, really I do

'You missed the kids'


news worthy?

I changed my home page to BBC News some time ago, the Europe settings, no less. I have always found the news in other countries much more interesting than my own. (except, of course, the daily show and colbert report - they are always gripping no matter which country they're skewering.) It is fascinating that the most read BBC articles and the most emailed articles are not one and the same. Apparently what people are most interested in reading and what they want their friends to think they are reading are not quite compatible. Today, for example, earlier the most read article was 'dog-fighting NFL man chooses jail', but most emailed was 'kittens adopted by pet rabbit'. What does this tell us? People are more interested in reading dirt on famous people, they, however, want their friends to think they are reading warm, fuzzy articles about small animals. The second most emailed?
Cannabis compound halts cancer.



A small amount of battery life remains on my trusty macbook so thankfully i get to keep this short (the daily posting can be wearing on a girl with no life....i mean no information to impart).
I just returned from watching a local production of The Wizard of Oz. It is hilarious to see someone you recognize from town as the cowardly Lion. The flying monkeys were pretty freaky as they were a young dance team in body suits with fabric wings - flying monkeys should not have breasts. My mother loves The Wizard of Oz so we watched it every autumn when it came on tv. Which means I have been terrified by flying monkeys for many, many years. Now I am just nostalgic whenever I see it...... and a little bit worried that my head will explode when they start singing in those high squeaky voices.



My evening plans fell through, so here I am at loose ends. Sure doesn't make for exciting blog posting.
I'm just watching the Moonlight episode I DVR'd friday and waiting for my blueberry pie to be done. On the upside I get to eat the whole pie by myself. Pushing Daisies has significantly raised my pie baking/eating of recent weeks. Who can resist those delicious looking pie vibes the pie maker puts out? Here is one of my favorite clips with Olive and Digby....

I have also been catching up on Robot Chicken - that show is seriously messed up, but oh so funny...


juliet, still a little wet behind the ears

Originally uploaded by knits tight

She's drying now, I am a little nervous about how she turns out. Here's hoping she fits.
I am testing out the Flickr blog posting feature, we'll see.....

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things worth noting:

very short list - I signed up awhile back. They send 1 email 5 days a week, highlighting some item they feel is interesting. If you are not familiar with this, please check it out.

Red House Painters / Sun Kil Moon - Despite my trying not to buy any music lately, mysteriously both songs for a blue guitar and Tiny Cities were downloaded from itunes yesterday.

this tee (i resisted buying it, aren't you proud?. i haven't lost all my newly resolved thriftiness)

tullycraft - posts a mp3 of the day

it's snowing...


SPC #2 what I wear

this is what I am wearing.... it is icy today and very chilly in the shade
don't you just love the feel of new boots?


he makes me a whole lot of crazy

Yesterday, my father apparently announced at the dinner table that he & mum were to move back home. Today, evidently not so much. He called me at work to discuss lots of nothing and brought up selling the house, which would naturally lead me to the conclusion that he's not moving back.

Patricide is legal, isn't it?


day off

Despite a holiday, I don't have much progress to show. Instead of knitting away, cleaning the house, planting tulip bulbs or anything else so mundane: I went and drew pictures of castles with moats and princesses, little red riding hood and the big bad wolf. All with a little girl convinced that all princesses have yellow hair and blue eyes. I think she found my goth princess with purple hair a bit odd.
Much television was watched this weekend which led to some thoughts about programming: There was a advertisement for one of many law & order shows. One man (a suspect I presume) started talking about 'exercising' his demons. Doesn't anyone check programs for proper grammar and pronunciation when discussing evil spirits? Don't they know about a good old exorcism, these days?
I did watch a few things that made a good impression. TCM played movies today with 'the saint', you know the real one, George Sanders (that man had an awesome voice) NOT Val Kilmer.

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my interests

I think it is time to address my interests. It was noted by my own personal stalker in a none too subtle manner that maybe I should blog about something other than knitting.
Well, my interests.....
it's just knitting.

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O Fair Juliet

I've been unfaithful
Bianca has been neglected. Juliet has captivated me yet again. I picked up some new yarn and suddenly all I could think about was that new cardigan. A lovely olive green bulky knit. Only I started with large needles and was knitting along, but she didn't look the way I imagined. So I ripped her out and started again with smaller needles. I could have been done with the top by know if I wasn't such a tinker-er, but I think she will be lovelier now.

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she's got ticket, you know she's goin' to use it, you know she's goin' to fly away....

YAY! Plane reservations were made this morning for.......(drumroll please)

14 days in sunny mexico!
I will be drinking beer and sunbathing in one of my most favorite-est places on earth with my goodest friends and their goodest little girls.


Wednesday...(oops, I mean thursday)

Knitting continues on the Bianca Jacket (not actually this green in real life). I spent the day knitting and laying on my couch, compliments of my in-advisably moving a large flower pot containing a tree in my front yard yesterday. The sleeves are progressing nicely (they are the wavy short things at the top). The bottom hem is rolling considerably, I hope this will block out and won't be a problem.
I've been listening to a new cd Pig Lib the lyrics are cracking me up:
Got your ballerina tights around my head
and a samurai pose on the bed
I have this widget on my mac called Canto Pod, you can search under artist or song for lyrics. I love it!

PS:They were already playing x-mas songs inside Wal-Mart tonight. Isn't it a wee bit early?

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Everest revisited

Seems despite all my brilliant calculations and maneuvering, my vest is too small. This surprises me. Very, very much.

NOTE: Now comes the portion of the program where I outline my brilliance and it's flawed outcome.
I used the 34" bust measurement, which yes, is a wee bit small but I was using Cascade 220 which 'grows' with washing. And it did, I swear. Longer and wider. They must have the shortest person in history trying on that vest because I added a full inch to the length and it is still too short. I mean, look at the picture, I here present Veste Everest (supposedly named after the yarn the designer used, I prefer to think it has a lot to do with the desire to say Vest-ee and a inordinate love of mountain climbing):I know that her shirt is hanging out the bottom but still.....my completed vest would have a full two feet of shirt showing. Where did I go wrong?
Well enough of the self-flagellation, the question really is, what am I going to do to fix it? And the answer is.....a revisiting of my veste. Here is one option:
Bottom: I could pick up stitches (one of my least favorite things) and add ribbing downward until desired length is achieved. Unless, of course there is someway to rib upwards and attach live stitches to bound-off bottom edge? please, please say this is do-able? I really hate picking up stitches.
Sides: I could pick up stitches along the sides and add a ribbed button band (with buttons naturally) thus providing a little extra something and a little extra give (the uneven blobs along the side of the pictured vest-ee would be the proposed buttons, I never claimed to be able to draw).
This leads to several questions. Should there be buttons on both sides or just the one? And if I alter just the one side with buttons should I add some buttons also to the top of the shoulder as well? Or should I just rip the damn thing out and make a new one since all these mods would take a bloody hell of a long time?

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mt. everest

Here is a sneak peak at the everest vest.......I am to pick up stitches around the neckline and arm holes to finish up, I hate picking up stitches. This is my own personal everest. I've already tried to pick up the neckline stitches once and it didn't go very well. So I'm going to try, try again. I hate try, trying again.
Blogger is having issues, as usual, so we'll have to wait and see if this posts. Here's hoping......


Morbid Monday

After a restless night of zombie dreams, I am hoping for happier ones tonight. How does one fight off zombies at one grandma's house with a wall of glass windows floor to ceiling and a sliding glass door squarely in the middle of it? What brought those dreams on, I wonder? My watching old black and white movies tonight can't hurt, can they? I suppose this one isn't the best choice, is it? Gripping though.
This picture is much cheerier than my grim thoughts, my geraniums have decided to start blooming beautifully now, now that the season is over and they supposed to be going to sleep. Why do they do this in November on my Kitchen table and not on the porch in July? This is the rest of the things on my table.... the mug is my Disneyland present from Beth & Steve, the rest, well, it's just my chaotic mess.


back again....

Just checking in for my daily snarl. Today, nothing much happened. Yeah, I know, big surprise.
I went to meeting this morning (skipped breakfast and was absolutely starving), made lunch, sat my hiney on the couch and knitted and ripped back the new Bianca Jacket three times, all the while catching up on Dr Who reruns and the latest Torchwood episode. Just now I've come back from playing with the little girls and drinking beer with Beth-la, while Steve channel surfed. I had to get out and away from the house, my view has looked like this:One really has to leave if only for a few wee hours. (Trust me, the mess, aka my workspace, looks better, much classier in black & white)


random sentences from my fridge

me the hot delicious chocolate

a pecuniary yarnball fulminates in my stalwart rhythm

you do bite

Here is my daily post: yay! day 3 and I haven't forgotten yet. I been home all day, sniffling with a cold, watching hours of mostly pointless television (with the exception of Wilco on Austin City Limits tonight, that is never pointless) and knitting on my everest vest - almost finished with the front. I will need to choose my next project tonight since I will have to wait until the body is done drying to attach the neck and armhole edging. Decisions, decisions..........

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SPC Week #1

SPC theme this month is what I wear I wear as many clothes as possible.
It is dark and cold out today but my Hoody is keeping me warm.



uhhh, what the?

In a fit of optimism I joined NaBloPoMo. Yeah, I couldn't figure out what it meant either. How does one pronounce that? Kinda sounds like a Filipino dish my friend Marciana would have made. Anyway, what it means is that I have challenged myself to post every day this month. EVERY FREAKING DAY. On the upside this could kick my hiney into gear.
Lets all hope a giant bolt of inspiration hits soon, otherwise it's going to be one long month.