listing to one side...

today's list:
  1. laundry
  2. cook some real food
  3. stop trying to like the little top you've been spending two days ripping, redoing, fussing, trying on, pondering and, frankly, obsessing over. it's obvious you don't care for it and it's obvious that the feeling is mutual.
  4. do not buy yarn, no matter how crappy you feel, there's no money for it.
  5. stop feeling crappy


barely breathing

I'm really still here, just wheezing a bit.
Came down with the mother of all colds and even knitting is adversely affected. The top previously posted that the website brags can be completed in a weekend is still eluding me. First of all i completed the front, however the yarn skeins are each so varied that the bottom was washed out and the top DARK, DARK brown. very wrong. After ripping it back and starting a different skein i read the yarn tag which (duh) says to alternate every second row with separate skein to achieve a more graduated effect. brilliant idea if i had bothered to read all the info. any way now, after more misreading of the VERY simple pattern and ripping back to fix errors, i almost have a whole top. missed lots of work and i don't even have a whole TINY sweater top on massive #9 needles to show for it. pathetic.....
Was tagged by gay to write 7 random things, but was in too much of a fog to comply. Will try and attempt it now.
  1. i have never been able to tolerate avocados, bananas, or canned tomatoes. it can't just be the texture since the flavors are disgusting to me as well. don't know why, i'm sure they're perfectly lovely foods....
  2. on days off (not that i have many of those) i like to get up really early.
  3. i think brad pitt is kinda weird looking
  4. tapioca pudding is one of my favorite comfort foods
  5. i have never liked poetry (yes, i am shallow).
  6. i like to sleep face down in my pillow, this tends to freak people out.
  7. i don't like dahlias
Watched Cat on a Hot Tin Roof yesterday. why does Paul Newman have to be so hot?
Caught up on shows.
Saw the last episode of Veronica Mars, sniff, sniff... (that is not the cold talking, i love that show)

suffered through American Idol last night - probally THE most boring show in history - the roomates are addicted to it. the upside is that idol is over for another year and the roomates said 6/1 is their rental date, no more boring TV, YAY!
Was it just me or did Grey's Anatomy suck? This is what should have happened:
Christina - should have gone jihad against the rapist who violated her eyebrows. Callie should have pulled a gun and shot George and then turned it on herself - (George who i used to be fond of until they completely rewrote his personality and then turned him into a dull adulterer) Meredith then walked up the aisle and announced 'Derrick is an idiot' and sucker punched him in the stomach, at which point he realized 'Hey, i am an idiot' and they are okay again. Burke is tragically hit by a passing automobile leaving the church and lapses into a coma. The nazi is named chief resident at the hospital. Izzie realizes she is really too good for all this crap and leads a happy, purpose filled life full of surgery, and late at night prowls the city streets, fighting crime and wearing hot go-go boots. Christina pulls Burkes plug cause it really is the kindest thing to do.


just ..........

"If only we'd stop trying to be happy we could have a pretty good time."
Edith Wharton
I stayed up way too late again but finished two books in progress and read another one. It's amazing what you can get done while you're hiding in your room. Finished knitting the back of the Eyelet cardigan and started on the two front sides simultaneously. I was going to catch up on my netflix but forgot my laptop at work. By the looks of the weather, more inside activities are coming my way. POURING RAIN is happening out the window. Sorry no exciting pictures of it coming your way. Instead, here is a lovely photo of the Blue Sky Alpaca fitted tank pattern purchased from knit pixie i started yesterday in the Patagonia cotton yarn. Am, of course, altering it a bit. Cast on for the small size and will continue that sizing for the ribbing but will increase more for the bust area. We'll see what my yarn looks like in this, if it's less than stunning. i'll have to rip and rethink. Should have pictures tomorrow of progress on this and the Eyelet Cardigan.


things from the weekend

Things learned: (in no particular order...)
  • knitting during turbulence is much better than just reading about knitting during turbulence. keeping your hands busy is key.
  • self obsession is perfectly justified. i am single, therefore, i am my most important person.
  • people are not usually thinking or talking about you but if or when they do, it will not be flattering. you are not their most important person and what is more, you are probably not their favorite person either.
Things making me happy:


Hey LOOK! pictures..... it's a miracle

i'm happy to report that the sweater is now longer - this is from monday. i can pinpoint the day by the long frumpy skirt i'm wearing. poison oak is THE bitch.


random things

  • watched spiderman 3 on friday night - i found it unintentionally funny in the serious spots.
  • started the eyelet cardigan last night and it seems strangely addictive - have caught myself justifying knitting at work. took pics but have now misplaced camera cable.....
  • worked outside in the yard - yay
  • made creme brulee - had to broil it since no one here carrys kitchen torch fuel, was quite yummy
  • did mountains (and i mean mountains)of laundry.

will post pics later, hopefully soon.


new feature

this begins the first episode of a feature we like to call 'roommate news'.

extra people in my house: 3
days they've spent in my house: 17
days spent in my house with me: 7
Forecast: mostly cloudy


the funniest thing that happened today.....

i was moaning about my poison oak at work.

hustler: 'I could pee on it for you.'
me: 'pee on it? that's for jellyfish stings. i don't think it's the same thing.'