weekend update 7/07

Friday: broke down and ordered new Harry Potter book from amazon. thought i could hold out, but no, i'm weak. Cast on front and back of Orangina sweater. Started reading a library book friday night to tide me over until amazon order came in.
Saturday: was a little overcast but warm. Went in service and to
Pasagshak beach in afternoon, drank beer, ate red vines, lamp chops and berry pie. played in the sand with the little girls. my other (non-harry potter) order from amazon came in on Saturday morning, so i took 'the good fairies of new york' (ordered because it has an introduction by neil gaiman) to start reading at the beach, didn't get any reading done.
Sunday: Was brilliantly sunny. Went to meeting, than to the beach again in Pasagshak with the little girls. was hot, went swimming in the ocean. got a little crispy in the sun, finally started the book. drank beer, ate cherries. finished off watching bleak house with mum and knitted on my sweater. Discovered a mistake in one side, so i ended up ripping out the back and i'm just knitting on the front now. looks pitifully small considering i'm knitting it on toothpicks (#3, feels like toothpicks after using #9 for market bags).

mum is supposed to leave today, it's kinda foggy, so we'll see.


IK Fall 2007

This is a 'Oh My God' situation.....Have you ever seen anything so lovely? Preview is out today for Interweave Knits Fall issue.
Look at the colors in the yarn.
Like i didn't have enough projects queued up in ravelry.
My navy yarn I ordered for Orangina showed up today, yay!



am running a little short on sleep but this is what has been going on......
have you ever seen Rex the Runt? vince has random pavarrotti disease, which causes him to randomly burst into song and spout random words like 'tuesday'. Is one of the funniest cartoons i have ever seen, anyway here is my favorite episode just because....


nest tote progress

Elisa's Nest Tote update:
First cast on with cheap white cotton and ran out 1/2 way through (seriously they should make cheap white cotton skeins longer....), then in the interest of not having to go down to the store and be seen buying more cheap white cotton, changed midstream......and started over in purple Himalayan cotton (sorry for the crappy pic, but at least i have a digital camera again).

note unrelated to boring knitting progress pictures of my Elisa's nest tote: please check out alex noriega sketch-blog, he is having a second anniversary silly contest. Discovered through camilla, who i'm thrilled is back from vacation and is posting lovely views of Italian Mountains.


weekend things

Friday pics.......these are shot with the old camera. still haven't resolved my digital camera download problems, so once more i'm trying to download the camera software.whale watching
the mother


more environmental guilt.......and some knitting

I have been wanting to make a market bag and cut down on using the pesky plastic bag. I started experimenting with hemp twine but found it too hard on my hands and downright tricky to knit. Then today, purl sent a newsletter with the loveliest tote pattern from Elisa. The bag is quite stylish which is good, because who wants to lug around an ugly bag at the grocery store? I think I probably have some yarn at home to use, if nothing else i have a giant cone of variegated/tacky cotton left over from when i was beginning to knit, maybe I could dye it a more appealing color? I know it seems sacrilegious but I also have some Patagonia Nature Cotton that would be quite striking.....


these things are addicting...



The posts just keep coming....

it's feast or famine around here...
I was dinking (yes, it's a real word in my world) away on the computer and saw a link in bloglines called related feeds. so dinked around some more and it occurred to me to check what related feeds were for my blog. I thought some knitting sites would pop up. Wrong. Seems i am more fixated with food and green living than knitting. And if you had any questions about content....yes, i live in a little kids movie.

Free Online Dating

But on the upside: I should be able to narrow down which cartoon character I am. Apparently one with a psychotic siamese, an obsession with food and sustainable, green living where the parental units weren't killed off in the first five minutes. CRAP! I am the scary lady who muzzles the dog in The Lady and the Tramp.



I forgot to mention, without Cable and due to my severely curtailed TV watching habits with the parents visiting...I've managed to finish TWO books this month and it's only the 4th. At this rate, I could make up for not finishing any the entire month of June

weird wednesday

Well, no work today. the parental units are visiting, dad for only a week, so i am trying to do whatever it is he wants to do. Today it consisted of his finishing off viewing North and South in the morning and our going fishing in his former employer's boat until 1: ish, lunch out and his watching Martin Chuzzlewit this afternoon. Now the former employer has shown up at the house, so I'm holed up upstairs leaching off of the neighbors wireless connection. GCI and i had a parting of ways this week, so no fast internet and no fabulous cable channels to watch. This was the best move ever this week because otherwise, instead of all the BBC movies he hasn't yet watched, it would be televised tennis matches. I've already heard more than enough about 'Serena' (they are on a first name basis apparently), watching her grunt her way to victory could do me in. i hate watching sports.
In other completely unrelated news, i have a glitch with my digital camera and need to reload the camera software CD....and can't find the CD anywhere. so no pictures. i am so depressed by this turn of events that i didn't even take my camera in the boat, missing out on the joy of lots of whale pictures, that would look like little black blobs in the grey water due to it being overcast. My back has been unbearably sore this week so I didn't even do any fishing today. oh well, there's always this weekend when the sister comes.
Jen, I just want you to know I haven't caught anything yet, so we're even.


kind & sympathetic? huh?

You Are a Pinky

You are fiercely independent, and possibly downright weird.
A great communicator, you can get along with almost anyone.
You are kind and sympathetic. You support all your friends - and love them for who they are.

You get along well with: The Ring Finger

Stay away from: The Thumb