winding down

well, after reviewing picks for the best of the year, i've been trying to pinpoint what i saw or heard that was new, outstanding or even lightly interesting. here goes..

oh. my. goodness.
so worth going to the movie theater. for me: probally the most unspoiled film of the year. i had no clue going in and kept thinking about it for days afterward.

Casino Royale
best bond ever.


boring weekend update

i shoveled and knitted
and thats all folks.
here's what i have to show for my efforts........it was necessary to bring it into work for opinions - other pairs of eyes are sometimes good when making sure that the back (which is the finished piece) looks like it should in fact fit my back. after the complete re-working of the pattern to fit my oversized yarn, an actual fitting garment was not a given. the front is not coming along as quickly due to my having to go back to work after weekend break.


and i thought i had it bad....

The bank lady answered the phone this morning ' It's a wonderful wednesday at wells fargo'(?!). apparently there is bank policy requiring this exact phrase be used. tomorrow at wells fargo will be a 'tremendous thursday', i had it from the bank lady herself. this actually makes me feel better about screwing up the company bank account with skewed year end journal ledger entries. slightly. very slightly.


Look what I saw today....... Yeah, that little fin sticking up is what I'm talking about. My camera sucks when it comes to moving animals in the water, that is actually an orca. I guess you'll just have to take my word for it.



Snow Patrol - Set The Fire To The Third Bar

this song is awesome

lovely, lovely mail

I went home at lunch to discover the postman had been very good to me. First I ripped open a manila envelope from O plus D to see this...And then saw an evelope with this on it........
With this inside.........
and this inside that, both from modamuse....and here I am modeling my new necklace......
and here is my backside modeling the finished Ivy sweater.....
and here is my front side modeling the Ivy sweater.... Sorry, sweater pictures are crap and I think I need to rewash and block the sweater for optimum fit. I wish I had a dressmakers dummy of my exact proportions. Would be so much easier to fit. Sleeves turned out very large as you can see and just look how long the tie is.... the neck line looks funky too, you just can't see it as I cut off too much of my head.


It was another uneventful weekend filled with antibiotics and knitting. I've finished my sweater but.... am unsatisfied with the neckline. Why is it always the neckline? I also feel the wrap ties are too long. The pattern called for 52" and I even shortened them but still feel like they are much too much. Was stood up Friday so I went to the movies by myself and saw the new Bond film. I quite liked it, Daniel Craig is so much more exciting than Brosnan.


I (Heart) packages

I ordered this lovely print by camilla engman. Sorry the light is so bad, our weather was not cooperating yesterday. Today it is clear and beautiful outside my office window, I even spotted my little neighborhood ermine. He's completely white now, not exactly photo friendly, but very busy in the yard. I wouldn't mind putting out a little snack for him but the Ravens are very greedy and scoop up ALL the treats.