Summer (sort of) 2017

So it's been awhile, I actually decided to try posting again because I need to show progress (to myself at least).
It's been a rough year, so on that cryptic note I am here blogging the happy bits out into the ether to an audience that isn't there.  

 We started the year with a funeral and a bonfire

 and a snow horse

 marrow bones
 the worst cat ever
 and the best

and a million going away dinners, brunches and everything else....no one in history had as many going away parties as Liz

 Eden learned how to play darts
 And Liz was right... having a beer and playing pool was better then crying at the airport
 Audra played pool for the first time
 Elliot tried new things
 I saw John Cleese for the second time, sadly from far away

 Arthur was awesome

 Elliot got a new suit
 and i walked most mornings

 I finally mastered Risotto
 and homemade pasta

 Elliot made tasty things

And got into a water balloon fight

 we met new people
 and corrupted young minds

 We went to Long Island for Lisa's going away dinner

 My sister and I went to see the Shins
 And i ate this delicious oyster at South
 here was much greenhouse site discussion
 I am happy to say that we immersed ourselves in building the greenhouse (*cough* tiny house *cough*) this summer and strangely it was a really good idea.  It was positive and necessary for our well-being to work on something tangible together.
 We had the A Team come assist with shifting it onto the foundation blocks

We had lovely friends come to visit us from Anchorage for the weekend

 and we roasted a pig
 It rained........
but the pig was delicious
 I hear the Bloody Mary's were too but I did not participate
 we colored
 and ate good food
 it was fun!

we went to the beach
 and some people went surfing
 and some assisted
 and we had fancy plastic flutes

 and the sun came out after most of the company left town

 and then we started on the greenhouse again

 and then we froze on Pillar for a lovely picnic that Matt wanted to know if it was an intervention

 It was a good time with lots of yummy things

 the cold pressed sandwiches were exceptional

 Then we went on the boat for the calmest and warmest day of the year

 and Elliot went swimming
 we continued building...
 and Leon stole my phone and started taking pics at my Mum's house

 I didn't realize the burn pattern would be so intense when I suggested Elliot take off his shirt while we were working outside

 and then we pinic'd with Bokers at the beach

and kept building

                                                     We went camping for the first time in two years

 and then we kept building

 we had the best convention ever
 Jen's cat helped

Elliot tried new things again

 and we insulated
 the dog and I played fetch a few times

 and we are still building. 

I planned on 2017 being the best year ever. 
It was not.
However, I have all my fingers and toes and I've kept my husband alive. 
 So far, so good.