i don't know what it says about my current mood but i'm finding email spam strangely compelling... even found myself clicking on:
From: Must Have
Subject: Once you have it.....
You won't want to live without it!!!

sadly it was for a portable GPS, which incidentally is quite easy to live without.



here is what popped up on my itouch today.....

Music Playlist at MixPod.com

i can't quite wrap my mind around the apple of your eye


i get tired of being allergic to EVERYTHING. mascara is out of the picture again as of last night. i was desperate enough that yes, locoweed, i finally tried putting neosporin into my eyes this morning and yes, it did actually feel better. (NOTE: do not try this at home, it is most definitely forbidden in big letters on the back of the neosporin tube.)

on a somewhat related note: do you think I can wear any of these scents from CB i hate perfume. how can you resist the names and descriptions: At The Beach 1966, Burning Leaves, Gathering Apples

on a completely unrelated note: i got my hair cut on tuesday. last night i was told that it was an improvement since my last haircut made me look like martha stewart.........awkward?


On the fifth day of Gunter my true love gave to me....

One sleeping Griskus....


On the third day of Gunter my true love gave to me......

My new holiday The 7 Days of Gunter (how does one trademark a holiday?) is pretty much awesome.
Last night's highlights included a really yummy shoulder of lamb, rewatching The Princess Bride and some of the yummiest cheesecake bars EVER.


I recently downloaded some new things...here is a sampling:

Music Playlist at MixPod.com

'the duvets on fire and so is your hair' (hehehe)

The Low Anthem song came through my Paste subscription and I found it strangely impossible to get out of my head.


I was not excited about the kindle, I like everything about books. Then I discovered a kindle app for my itouch and thought why not?- you know - just because. Now I think the thing is all kinds of brilliant. So far I have only sent the samples to my touch for a trial run (it's basically the first few pages), but I think if you're anything like me (and hopefully you're not) and rate your vacation by the number of books you read while lying in the sun drinking a cool alcoholic beverage, this will definitely free up your luggage. My only complaint is that the kindle versions of new releases at Amazon are still $9.99. Why so much? Especially when it is not something you can put on your shelf and keep FOREVER or trade away for credit if you don't care for it. They should give you options: you know like bundling.
Amazon, are you listening?

Also I have been dinking around looking for new songs. I found the KEXP Song of the Day podcast on itunes. Really quite brilliant. Does XM Radio have something similar?

Here is a great cover of Papa was a rodeo by Bright Eyes (via Tullycraft News)
'I see that kiss-me-pucker forming, maybe you should plug it with a beer'

Knitting content is forthcoming, just as soon as I get around to taking pictures. I know you were all waiting with bated breath.........


Why is lately everything I like grey?