Ode to Brown

As been commented on, my wall is brown. It is a luscious brown that calls to mind Chocolate covered Coffee Beans, Kahlua spiked Coffee, Fudge with pecans, Oatmeal Stout...........
Due to time constraints, this wall has not been properly attired with a lovely picture because IT IS NOT FINISHED. The wall or the picture. I will spare you the lengthy tirade regarding the Frame Stores inadequacies, suffice to say they have not lived up to their end of our agreement.
This being the case my putting a second coat of paint on the wall has lost all sense of urgency.


Self Portrait Tuesday... on Thursday

Time to Study
Time to bottle

This months SPT has been extraordinarily tricky. I've had no time.....



Why is it older people are fascinated by identity theft? I have been lectured in depth regarding the dire possibility, the need to scrupulously safeguard my mail from the greedy hands of thieves and the lengths necessary to that end. (Why would anyone want to be me? I think the boringness of my life is a more than adequate defense against the dark forces.) I think they secretly want someone out there to attempt to steal their identity. It's as if they're undercover secret heroes trying to outsmart the evil nemesis bent on world destruction. Crossword puzzles have always been recommended for keeping the mind active and Alzheimer free. Could it be that Identity theft is actually beneficial; a twisted mind game keeping mental faculties sharp?
This is a brilliant python game, which I'm ashamed to say did steal some of my time I can never get back.


Has Spring Sprung?

Blogger is actually cooperating for once and letting me post pictures without too much trouble, just a loooooong delay.



Self Portrait Tuesday


My weekend was very productive, which is a sign that spring IS almost here (despite the fact it is snowing and has been all weekend). As the days lengthen I am less inclined to spend every waking hour on my backside watching movies.
This week I salvaged cedar tongue and groove boards in odd sizes (from my Boss' ongoing construction project that involves pounding hammers and buzzing chopsaws mere inches from my office) and saturday afternoon I started piecing them together according to sizes and shapes for some raised garden beds - a giant jigsaw puzzle involving cedar splinters, how fun is that?
Sunday afternoon a friend brought Home-Brew supplies over and helped me mix up a batch of Stout that is now bubbling in my Kitchen. Now that I've actually started reading about this wonderous process (I love the internet!) - apparently table sugar is a no no, which he uses; and you are supposed to use special soap, which he doesn't; your water is supposed to be boiled to remove chlorine, he didn't; and a myriad of other factors, explaining why I suppose I've never cared for his homebrew. I know it is illogical to learn brewing from someone whose beer you don't like but if you get the gist of it I'm assuming it's easier than going at it cold turkey. He took the can of Coopers Stout mix and halfed it into the 5 gallon glass carboy. Is this going to give me diluted beer? UGH
Well you never know til you try................


This is how I started my day........
Monday 3/13/06 7:05 A.M.

and this is how I ended my day....
Monday 3/13/06 10:35 P.M



Thought I was dead, didn't ya? Well that is pretty close to the truth. I was stricken with the coughing, icky, sinus headache crud so my hiney was not far off the couch for a whole week. I would briefly go to work and than I was right back there again, denting my couch cushions. I think I actually threw my back out from sitting - which is a big change from the usual culprit - my moving the piano.
Yes, I moved my desk upstairs on Sunday and started putting my projects in some sort of order.
Then I went and got more potting soil and planted a few more seeds.
After all, just because it's snowing doesn't mean it isn't MARCH and time to plant many good things. Why is Spring not here yet? Is it too soon to start encouraging premature greenness by watering my lawn with warm water?
I've gotten so behind on so many things that its overwelming to consider what to do first. My crown and base molding is still sitting in the middle of the living room floor, the living room is half painted, my workspace is half painted (the wall with the sewing machine is the only one with two coats) the TV still has no stand, my new composter is sitting in pieces in the living room and I'm two weeks behind at work. Why is it one week of being sick can jack up your schedule so much?
But my greens are doing well.


Dork Alert

Despite the frigid weather, my thoughts turn to spring (duh, it's March). My plastic seed trays were looking unappealing and ratty, not to mention they don't fit on my window sills. Is it too dorky that I used eggshells instead? I kinda like 'em
Now how am I going to use enough eggs to get more seed trays?
Anyway I've picked up whatever crud is currently circling and I laid on the couch all day yesterday. I think I've put a permanent dent on my favorite cushion. Why is it one side of the couch is comfier than the other?


This is proof that my wall color is no longer salmon pink. The crappy picture is (A) due to the early hour and (B) my not really caring all that much. Isn't the trim in the middle of the living room a nice touch?
On a happier note: the anticraft has a tutorial on 'stalking made easy' - in case someone is floundering in pursuing their obession and needs a little help. I particularly like the stencils NOT A STALKER you can affix to your briefcase.