Pervy Moose

You probally think this post is going to be about a pervy Moose, don't you? And it is....sort of. It all began at friend's house (the one who's mum think's I need A BOYFRIEND) Friday night while watching 'Dirty Jobs' on Discovery channel. Did anyone else see the one on Geo duck clams? They look more than a little obscene and this reminded him to tell me of the favorite drive-thru coffee shop whose daily/weekly/whenever the hell they feel like updating the sign special caught his eye. I applaud people who can draw and I even applaud those who can't draw but attempt it anyway. One of the latter is responsible for the sign. Apparently a oddly drawn Moose who strangely resembled a scrotum was recently adorning this particular coffee sign. You can imagine my excitement Saturday as I pulled up to place my order, camera ready to document the Pervy Moose. But alas, no Pervy Moose to be seen, instead:

'Bombs Falling on Lebanon Latte' anyone?

This was a sad letdown to my coffee shop experience. The whole weekend was flat after my undocumented Pervy Moose.


self portrait as.....

Self portrait as........ Reluctant subject
Have no imagination or patience at the moment despite excellent self portrait theme for the month. Feeling more than slightly blah too. Am back from weekend away, house is disaster, hair is boring, clothes not interesting, no food in fridge, gutter is plugged and spilling water in river onto flowerbed, is 50 degrees outside and raining. in sheets. sideways.
Embarrassing Confession Time:
A dear friend's mum is to visit him and his lovely family starting on Sunday. Last summer when she was here, she remarked on leaving that maybe by the next visit I would have A BOYFRIEND (yes, capital letters and italics). This seemed amusing at the time. However, back in the dark recesses of my subconscious this idea must have seemed somehow realistic, attainable even, and took root there, lurking without my even realizing it. This became noticeable today as I started contemplating her arrival and found myself despondently recollecting her words with a slight Twinge (word borrowed from Hustler today; context: 'felt a Twinge grumpy when I woke up'.) of could it be, despair? Maybe Melancholia would better describe my slight Twinge. Whatever my slight Twinge is today - I am not fond of it. It can leave now.



Somehow dealazon my preferred book list provider is not working??? Hasn't been for awhile now. Why is it just as soon as I figured out how to use something, it disappears? SO FRUSTRATING. Can not even show my pitiful reading progress.



Jen, this is for you...
TIPS FOR PROTESTING 1) If you are going to protest against something you should try and appear interested, not leaning back against the Utility Box as if you were just passing the time of day. I wanted a better picture but was afraid to sit in front of them in the middle of the road, blocking traffic in order to take it.
TIPS FOR PROTESTING 2) Please make you sign large enough you don't break the neck of the driver passing who cannot read your cardboard without a high-powered Telescope and/or Superman vision.
TIPS FOR PROTESTING 3) It is all about presentation; I would suggest girls in bikinis or really hot (for a new perspective, please visit the link) soccer players without their shirts.
If I concerned myself less with driving safety and more with presentation, you would see all these protester rules broken. They did bring a dog, which is unfair. They probally embarrassed him by their poor protesting efforts.
In unrelated news we actually had a day of sun this weekend. Mum calculated that in the three weeks she was here we had 4 days of sun. Somehow this average is not cutting it for me. Look THE MOTHER is sitting in the sun....Do not tell THE MOTHER her picture is on the internet, she'd be horrified.