my taxes are done. that is pretty much all i have accomplished.

note: turbo tax i hold you personally responsible that my return is less than last year. it must be your fault.


so, um, i'm getting married in June i think (i mean i know about the married part just need to confirm the June part).
now we commence dress search 2010.
i spent a little while browsing whilst talking with mrs locoweed on the phone and we both agreed Nordstrom has some very nice options and affordable, which is important in a dress you may only wear what twice/three times? once to wedding and maybe twice to separate reception/parties? so any thoughts??

Option 1- I like the length and it seems attractive yet comfortable.
Option 2 - i love the neckline but the bust area may be less appealing in person.. maybe too boob-ed?

and this is just cute.....
i would really like some sort of silvery grey color but didn't find anything.


Twice in one week....

i dare you not to smile

'the high priestess of tinsel'


I started this blog in December of 2005, and one of the things I like most about it is the jog it gives to my increasingly rusty memory. I can actually match up events and the time frame involved, an amazing feat for me. This last year I have been very remiss in updating anything. Mrs Locoweed tells me it's because I'm too busy having a life to talk about it, and she's probably right (*grumble, grumble* O how i hate to admit when she's right)
So let me list a few things that made me smile recently that I haven't mentioned:
  • wearing my new Teva Boots with purple tights
  • accidentally getting the Lunar Eclipse time wrong and spending ALOT of time on top of Pillar Mt. late thursday night waiting for it and being spontaneously danced around to the gayest Enrique Iglesias song EVER
  • my iphone
  • seeing someone driving down the road today with an extremely happy, very orange cat laying stretched out on the dashboard in front of the driver
See! i can update if i want too.....