i've recently discovered etsy - better late than never, right?
check out the zombie finger puppet from cherylasmith.
she has a whole set of finger puppets
and, of course, most importantly...
the alien finger puppet.
(NOTE: pictures shamelessly ripped off of seller's etsy site, please don't sue me)
is it cheating if you buy handknit products off etsy and give them to your friends who just recently had a baby?

cool stuff

check out this awesome wall art from popcling that i found through decor8. wouldn't that look great on my living room wall? you should check out all of the very cool options. on the other hand, i wouldn't mind having that chair either..... all i want to do is spend money - money i do not have. my refrigerator is looking cadaver bare, with the exception of the chilled daffodil bulbs.


monday things and weekend update

listening to: The twang

they have not yet released an album but i learned about them from BBC list of bands that are about to be the next big thing. i liked them the best out of all featured. why is it i love british bands so much
Reading: The Glass Castle
quite gripping actually.
Sad: jc the apprentice went away to school on saturday and it is not the same without him. hustler is sick or depressed, not sure which. makes me disturbed when my boys are not happy. does not help i was woken at 4: am by the wind - i do not cope on too few hours of sleep.
Weekend: could not remember where i put charlie's keys, stressed all evening friday. woke saturday to the realization he only left me the truck key and took the others. quickly realized i was an idiot and where (OF COURSE) i would have placed a single key and (DUH) sure enough that's exactly where it was.
went with the little girls in service, had a nimrod tell me there is no basis to the belief that the earth is being polluted/ruined/globallywarmed/mismanaged. huh? what the? of course this was coming from someone with garbage piled in his yard and on his porch. you just have to smile.
got to listen to discussion re: the horrors of the internet/blogging/posting pictures for everyone to see. they could find you. don't people have much better things to do with their time?
knitted on wicked black cardigan, went and bought several different button choices so i could compare and decide. almost done - have 3/4 left to go on the last sleeve, buy more of the chosen buttons and block. the body is a trifle more fitted than i'm accustomed to. washing and blocking may fix this. I'm considering making a tie at the waist with little belts loops. we'll see.


a watery saviour

recently i was asked what the word messiah meant by my boss. after a brief explanation he got a very puzzled look on his face.
'i thought it was the water that goes all around something'.

'like a castle?' i innocently inquired
'yeah, what's that called?'
' a moat'.


warped heart

Does something look a little odd to you? Like the heart resembles the logo from chili's? sort-of fitting for VD Day. steve's zombie hat will have to be revisited....completely. i'm thinking this time i'll knit it on circular needles and use a ribbed brim. This is what arrived from ysolda: I am using the rest of the stitch markers on the warped heart zombie hat. She also sent an iron and/or stitch-on patch and a little plastic holder box for the stitch markers. i never win anything, love getting packages and needed stitch markers - a winning kismet combo.


i'm a sucker for............(not a definitive list)

in no particular order:
  • new pirate rubber boots, picture forthcoming. stay tuned
  • when it's foggy out and the air smells like the ocean
  • bread pudding
  • new stitch markers from ysolda, picture forthcoming
  • newly ordered, not yet arrived but sure to be fabulous, apple macbook
  • newly ordered cannon portable mini-photo printer, which after rebate will have cost 29.95
  • making presents
  • little girls in pajamas fresh out of the bath
  • getting packages in the mail from my mother
  • my sister calling me in the middle of the day just because
  • being told i look hot (rare)
  • really dark beer
  • raven calling me on my cell phone to ask if i can come over and play
  • black and white vampire movies
  • TV shows on DVD
  • Tom & Jerry's coffee/heath bar ice cream
  • old doorknobs
  • boys who smell good
  • when the cat snores/purrs in her sleep
  • Neil Gaiman novels
  • netflix
  • used book stores: ie Title Wave
  • morran
  • daffodils
  • waking up to the smell of coffee
idea 'spawned' by ari


The weekend....explained

Everyone has a purpose in life. Perhaps yours is watching television. David Letterman
the weekend is a time without television. there is nothing on to watch. now for ordinary, normal people this is not a problem. for me? who is trying to speed knit a i (heart) zombies message in cream onto a chocolate brown hat using blue sky cotton, this is a problem. especially since i'm modifying a hat from knitty to try and accomplish this amazing feat, and my knitting needles are just a tad short, and i'm just now trying two color knitting, making it all the more tricky. Then spent both saturday and sunday nights over at beth & steve's, so knitting had to be postponed so as to not ruin the surprise. watched The Illusionist with them last night. was quite good, but i'm still more in love with The Prestige. no big surprise there considering The Prestige has Christian Bale in it.
now it's monday and i'm back to work. the boss pulled his boat inside the warehouse to dry it out and cranked up the heat to 80, so i'm currently living in gasoline soaked africa. why didn't i just stay in bed?


self portrait challenge

do you ever feel like your color is seeping out?


Connie reminded me last night of beth & steve's anniversary. panic has now officially set in. i have no idea what to get beth - that will actually arrive in a timely manner before wednesday night/thursday. i thought of ordering the everest book 'Into thin air' for steve and making little paper princess-ey crowns for the girls from Alterknits. after these epiphanies, however, the well has gone dry. i really wanted to make steve his promised 'i (heart) zombies' hat. but this requires yarn i do not yet have, a hat pattern yet to be announced and working a chart onto the front of the said undecided hat. One possibility, after extensive mods, of course, is the hear no evil hat from knit scene, but this requires cashmere yarn - very not available in a bucolic backwater such as here. hat must not be scratchy in AT ALL, any yarn/hat suggestions?


that, young man, is how babies are made

Magic junk.....


cut a hole in the box.....

Jen, here is the link to the video
so stinking hilarious but i didn't want to direct post it....i'm sure you'll understand why.