i'm a sucker for............(not a definitive list)

in no particular order:
  • new pirate rubber boots, picture forthcoming. stay tuned
  • when it's foggy out and the air smells like the ocean
  • bread pudding
  • new stitch markers from ysolda, picture forthcoming
  • newly ordered, not yet arrived but sure to be fabulous, apple macbook
  • newly ordered cannon portable mini-photo printer, which after rebate will have cost 29.95
  • making presents
  • little girls in pajamas fresh out of the bath
  • getting packages in the mail from my mother
  • my sister calling me in the middle of the day just because
  • being told i look hot (rare)
  • really dark beer
  • raven calling me on my cell phone to ask if i can come over and play
  • black and white vampire movies
  • TV shows on DVD
  • Tom & Jerry's coffee/heath bar ice cream
  • old doorknobs
  • boys who smell good
  • when the cat snores/purrs in her sleep
  • Neil Gaiman novels
  • netflix
  • used book stores: ie Title Wave
  • morran
  • daffodils
  • waking up to the smell of coffee
idea 'spawned' by ari


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