Connie reminded me last night of beth & steve's anniversary. panic has now officially set in. i have no idea what to get beth - that will actually arrive in a timely manner before wednesday night/thursday. i thought of ordering the everest book 'Into thin air' for steve and making little paper princess-ey crowns for the girls from Alterknits. after these epiphanies, however, the well has gone dry. i really wanted to make steve his promised 'i (heart) zombies' hat. but this requires yarn i do not yet have, a hat pattern yet to be announced and working a chart onto the front of the said undecided hat. One possibility, after extensive mods, of course, is the hear no evil hat from knit scene, but this requires cashmere yarn - very not available in a bucolic backwater such as here. hat must not be scratchy in AT ALL, any yarn/hat suggestions?


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