wickedly red

Progress has been happening on wicked, (why should i associate red with wicked, odd)...... I'm using Cascade Sierra in ruby, a wool cotton blend that I bought for another project which didn't happen. i'm trying yet again not to bite my nails so i painted them to match my yarn color (aren't girls silly). i got all the way down to where i'm supposed to start the pocket but as i was watching the golden globes last night with the mother, i started on one of the sleeves, so as to not lose my place. they are going to be short - but not too short. it's dark and snowing so the light makes my sweater looks orange - but it is NOT.


Anonymous gay said...

ooh i like the red, wicked looks good in red. keep the nails red they go so wellbut i personally like mine short. it's easier to knit!

1/16/2007 2:23 PM  

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