holiday weekend wrap-up

since it did not fall on an actual holiday this year, i made an appearance at the company party friday. i was dashingly attractive in my new wedges. was successfully making my cameo when i was forced to leave in a tearing hurry when a particularly annoyingly persistent customer had the audacity to show up. We will refer to him as THE MEXICAN. This title does not in any way reflect a dislike of the hispanic population as a whole, I just dislike him intensely in particular. When he went out the back door to get a drink, i removed my stunning new wedges and dashed out the front door, up the driveway down the snowy road to my car - all in my bare feet. it felt very cinderella. with the possible exceptions that she was fleeing in a pumpkin with six white mice from a prince so he would not see her humble origins, dropping a lovely shoe in the process and i was fleeing from a short, stocky, extremely persistent guy who has yet to understand the word no and i am still firmly in possession of my very attractive wedges. - so in other words nothing like cinderella.
(when i complained to steve v. of the continued reappearance of this person EVERYWHERE he helpfully told me it's fate, serendipity even. i told him to shut up.)
i was told this morning by a fellow employee that my new nickname is dash.
and who should THE MEXICAN arrive with but my least favorite employee ever - yes, casanova. who proceeded to walk up behind my chair and rub. one. hand. over. my. back. at which point i sent out very strong no touchy vibes he completely missed out on but everyone else in range distinctly picked up.
i finished my knitted top on saturday afternoon which has turned out a little TOO attractive and now i have to figure out where on earth i would wear it and with what. pictures will be forthcoming when i finish the tie/strappy thing. wearable-ness it all depends on the undergarments and for now the least indecent seems to be my black halter back bikini top.
then.....(the excitement just keeps coming) i cleaned the living room carpet on monday. i was waiting all weekend for the carpet cleaning machine and finally it was returned monday. but, of course, wal-mart didn't have the cleaning solution, so i go into safeway to purchase - and it's located it right outside the liquor store. i think to myself 'self what a good time to purchase beer'. 'after cleaning my carpet i can sit on the couch which is stuffed into the dining room along with the tv, stereo, floor lamp, chair and a billion other pieces of furniture and drink a beer'. so i carry my bottle of steam cleaning solution, pick up my coronas, get up to the counter and the liquor store guy says 'so you must have had a one wild new years'.
yeah, this looks real good.


Anonymous jen said...

sounds like a typical holiday weekend...always a let down, it seems theres always more work less play... soory about the party, you had to know somthing like it would happen!

1/02/2007 9:45 PM  

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