The weekend....explained

Everyone has a purpose in life. Perhaps yours is watching television. David Letterman
the weekend is a time without television. there is nothing on to watch. now for ordinary, normal people this is not a problem. for me? who is trying to speed knit a i (heart) zombies message in cream onto a chocolate brown hat using blue sky cotton, this is a problem. especially since i'm modifying a hat from knitty to try and accomplish this amazing feat, and my knitting needles are just a tad short, and i'm just now trying two color knitting, making it all the more tricky. Then spent both saturday and sunday nights over at beth & steve's, so knitting had to be postponed so as to not ruin the surprise. watched The Illusionist with them last night. was quite good, but i'm still more in love with The Prestige. no big surprise there considering The Prestige has Christian Bale in it.
now it's monday and i'm back to work. the boss pulled his boat inside the warehouse to dry it out and cranked up the heat to 80, so i'm currently living in gasoline soaked africa. why didn't i just stay in bed?


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