I don't care for the new WHITE background color but at least, for now, my posts are showing. Blogger has been making me nuts, but hey - I'm cheap and it's free. There now seems to be a permanently l-o-o-o-o-o-n-n-n-n-g-g-g-g-g delay between my writing posts and them actually showing up. Rather irritating really. But then everyting has been irritating me, could come from being sick AGAIN. If I miss this much work, couldn't it be for something fun like vacation?
Sorry no exciting pictures: but I am excited about my new automatic starter that's getting put into my car today - yay. maybe it'll be a photogenic auto-start.



Cannot seem to fix this horrid template problem, am at my wit's end



New template is having technical issues .....



My print by cathy nichols arrived(!!) yesterday from pretty darn swell, with a cool postcard enclosed in the envelope. The print is so lovely that it made me want to order more things...... and so I did. Two Camilla Engman prints: one from her website and one from design*sponge.

*am having issues with blogger again, tried to change my template and now everything is wee-waddy.
Note: adjusted post due to realization of my ineptness and stupidity of posting my home address in the picture. yes. i. am. that. stupid.
On the upside, my site meter confirms that only my sister loves me, and she already knows where I live.


It's beginning to look a lot like......

Snowing has commenced. Here's hoping for a snow day. It was not quite this dark out, but I love how the flash makes stardust light specks out of the snowflakes.Also exciting is my new necklace: recycled glass pendant with vintage chain Purchased yesterday from Emerald Isle Framing, soon with new name and location by the yarn store - yay! She is going to start carrying buttons, I'm very happy about the buttons since I need a pair for a vintage wool dress.



‘In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different’ Coco Chanel
I really am trying but there is so much same-ness everywhere. Haven't you noticed how everyone looks the same? talks the same?


surfing instead of working

Found hilarious link courtesy of italian blog, courtesy of Swedish blog You've got to see this to believe it and check out these cool scarves from England. What could be cooler than robot scarves?
Was supposed to be looking for Kitchen torch to try out new rice pudding recipe in Martha Stewart Living mag and as you can see got sort of sidetracked.


of course, like a horrible, horrible person

Am completely stupid and read the twisted rib stitch incorrectly. Luckily was not far along and re-did it without problems. It's much faster when you work the pattern right....duh. ANYWAY. Knitted a bit over the weekend, am not so far along... This is the back panel.Found this cute thing, from surfing off links from this artist's blog. I ordered it this morning. After all my good intentions of not spending money too. I have trouble resisting prints. It will look so awesome on my wall. I love that pretty darn swell is very clear how much of the proceeds are donated to which causes.
Note: I was astonished by the think before you pink website (found from jodi's site) and which money ended up where.
All last month when shopping at Safeway the checkers asked shoppers if they would like to make a donation for Breast Cancer. I kept declining, feeling all the while somehow inadequate and, of course, like a horrible, horrible person. This sparked a discussion at work that revealed guy's are sweet and complete suckers for a cause (not that it's not a good cause, but how much is Safeway donating and to where?) BUT along with the story, apparently my certain employee did in fact donate at safeway, and a rather largish amount, at a checkstand where the lady knew him. This did not prevent her from continually asking him each time he returned if he would like to donate for breast cancer, making him feel by subsequently declining, somehow inadequate and, of course, like a horrible, horrible person. There is no moral to this story. I was, however, secretly pleased to know that they were hitting up the guys for money and not just me. How much is enough? We all donate to causes we personally believe in, relate to, are touched by, or it seems, are guilted into. What is our motivation? Should we be driven by guilt to support a cause we may believe in but are less than enthusiastic about the method of collection? Or is it true? Am I just, of course, like a horrible, horrible person?


Last night I cast on for this 'Ivy' sweater. Am using (why can't I ever just follow the pattern?) leftover purple Jaeger, different yarn than spec'd. The twisted rib pattern is feeling tricky to keep track of. If I like how the back knits up, I'll frog the Hourglass sweater from Last Minute Knitted Gifts and finish up. Maybe I'll actually get a picture of something finished before I rip it out. Still feeling rather puny...and now with a crick in my neck from trying to cast on tricky twisted rib pattern while not missing any angst from Grey's Anatomy last night. Needless to say: did not get very far on sweater.
The Boss must have made it out on the plane, since he didn't call from the Airport bored. Things always go tango uniform when he leaves. The new employee (formerly known as Union Underpants but now needing new name, possibly romeo or cassanova, as is bit of a man-whore) called in sick. Boss' cabinet guy called and wants to deliver all finshed cabinet doors to Charlie's house and pick up rest of maple from Warehouse. Customer called, thinks they are smelling 'burning dust/electrical ' smell. What the?