A lovely door - inside view..... to go with my lovely toilet - outside view
Here is the weekend recap:
Went to Steve and Beth's. watched what not to wear and some Stargate crap something

Went in service
worked a couple hours
laid on the couch. watched lots of nothing
went to redezvous with Steve and Beth. listened to music. laughed at drunks
Here comes the slightly disturbing story of the evening: There i am sitting with S & B minding my own business when waitress comes up with drink and gives it to me. (non-ordered beer, same type i was drinking) says it's from 'Cole' as in D. Cole (remember him?) he's sitting at the table in front of me with his wife. Isn't this slightly odd? What is the protocol for married guys buying other girl's drinks? I know he's friendly and all, but how friendly is too friendly?
Slightly Funny story: Woody the Drunk Woodpecker was hitting on girl behind me all evening with the most annoying woody the woodpecker laugh. called every girl he talked to 'cutie', even me when he had to ask if he sit behind us so he could sidle up to the poor unfortunate girl he was trying to chat up.
went to meeting. came home. washed dishes. watched House season 2 disc 3 & the white countess. House is awesome as usual, ralph fienes not believable to me as blind diplomat.
went to bed (early-ish) after reading a few pages.
got a door installed - with a LOCK - yay


Friday things

This months theme for Self Portrait Challenge is 'with someone'. I am always with someones, but never someones you can ask to take pictures with. I look around at the people I see the most of everyday - and I'm lucky to say I have no complaints (well yes of course I do, but not really important ones). All my guys are very good to me - They come to my house to pull the cord on my lawn-mower for the first start of the spring - always tricky. They jerry-rigged hot water for me at the office when not all the parts were there for my hot water heater, tinkered with my heating system till it worked because heaven forbid the plumbers should actually make sure it runs and just today I got vinyl in my office bathroom and a TOILET.
yes they are very dear to me.....


Wickedly Wonderful Wednesday

Reasons Wednesday is Wickedly Wonderful:
  1. Sun is shining AGAIN. 2 Days in a row.
  2. My 6 copies of submittals are turned in AND they looked very nice AND I was told so
  3. did I mention it's sunny?
  4. I'm wearing my lucky patagonia skirt AND was told I looked nice
  5. AND despite the fact a certain someone named Steve says the Rendevous is not a place for a single girl, he was interested in going this weekend to hear Jeff Lang (live music = YAY)
  6. OH did I mention I was told I looked nice?

On to other matters, I watched Paradise Now on sunday night. was excellently done I thought.



This is a rambling post of nothing at all. First of all it is Pyro-Tuesday. Yes, this is an actual day in the calendar.
  1. Monday - Rains. Sucks. Nothing good on TV. I have no catchy name for it, it is not a catchy day.
  2. Pyro-Tuesday - Sunny. Burn all flamable garbage at work, thus the name. Meeting night and therefore unuseable for play. Frantic cleaning of house to make it presentable for meeting. All TV shows I want to watch are bound to be on during meeting.
  3. Windy-Wednesday - Rains. (guys refer to it as whiskey wednesday) Sucks. My sister doesn't call ALL DAY.
  4. Thirsty-Thursday - (the guys call it thirsty thursday, involves walmart drunken shopping)
  5. F***off Friday - Yes I know this involves an unsayable word, no other name for it though. No one returns your call - because its Friday. No one is in the office - because its Friday. Your parts aren't in? sorry the factory closed - it's Friday

And just because it's Pyro-Tuesday, here is a completely unrelated picture.


gratuitous sunny pic

It's raining, so here is a previous sunny camping weekend. This was not my watermelon but it looked so happy sitting there I had to take it's picture.