This is a rambling post of nothing at all. First of all it is Pyro-Tuesday. Yes, this is an actual day in the calendar.
  1. Monday - Rains. Sucks. Nothing good on TV. I have no catchy name for it, it is not a catchy day.
  2. Pyro-Tuesday - Sunny. Burn all flamable garbage at work, thus the name. Meeting night and therefore unuseable for play. Frantic cleaning of house to make it presentable for meeting. All TV shows I want to watch are bound to be on during meeting.
  3. Windy-Wednesday - Rains. (guys refer to it as whiskey wednesday) Sucks. My sister doesn't call ALL DAY.
  4. Thirsty-Thursday - (the guys call it thirsty thursday, involves walmart drunken shopping)
  5. F***off Friday - Yes I know this involves an unsayable word, no other name for it though. No one returns your call - because its Friday. No one is in the office - because its Friday. Your parts aren't in? sorry the factory closed - it's Friday

And just because it's Pyro-Tuesday, here is a completely unrelated picture.


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