Pervy Moose

You probally think this post is going to be about a pervy Moose, don't you? And it is....sort of. It all began at friend's house (the one who's mum think's I need A BOYFRIEND) Friday night while watching 'Dirty Jobs' on Discovery channel. Did anyone else see the one on Geo duck clams? They look more than a little obscene and this reminded him to tell me of the favorite drive-thru coffee shop whose daily/weekly/whenever the hell they feel like updating the sign special caught his eye. I applaud people who can draw and I even applaud those who can't draw but attempt it anyway. One of the latter is responsible for the sign. Apparently a oddly drawn Moose who strangely resembled a scrotum was recently adorning this particular coffee sign. You can imagine my excitement Saturday as I pulled up to place my order, camera ready to document the Pervy Moose. But alas, no Pervy Moose to be seen, instead:

'Bombs Falling on Lebanon Latte' anyone?

This was a sad letdown to my coffee shop experience. The whole weekend was flat after my undocumented Pervy Moose.


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