dropping the ball...and other oddities

As you may have noticed, no self portraits this month. The theme is Pop Art and honestly I haven't had a moment to give this the proper thought it deserves. Also I have fallen dreadfully behind in my reading lately, only two books completed so far this month. On a more self-congratulatory note/upside: I did wash 44 bottles last night in preparation for beer bottling (a few more yet to go, why is it everyone thinks I need/want all their beer bottles = entitling them to free beer? The recycling center is going to think I'm a lush). Hopefully though work will smooth out with the replacement of strangely disappearing 'Narnia T-Shirt Man'. He just simply left. on the ferry. without telling anyone. odd. but then isn't everyone.
Anyway the new guy ('Union Underpants': a term used to describe (usually an extremely anal) man in love with his union - used originally for odd apprentice 'Matt the Rat') is equally odd though without the obvious narnia t-shirt issues. Odd employer asked mutual aquaintance of new aquired odd 'Union Underpants' what new employee was like: was told 'He Drinks'.
Please show me an electrician who doesn't.


Anonymous jen said...

I know quite a few electrians and your right, they all drink

6/29/2006 11:30 AM  
Blogger Baking and Books said...

Forget about Pop Art self portraits, I can't even think up something for the regular portraits! I'm impressed that you've posted so many pictures. :)


7/06/2006 5:41 PM  

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