Self Portrait Tuesday

5.02.06 11:AM
Earthly Goods dressing room, Ashland OR
I have a thing for things. Not all things. Just a few things. Lucky Jeans; dresses; rubber boots: brightly colored; Books; wooly Thyme.
When I come across these things I have a compulsion to purchase them. It matters not that I already have a copy of Franny and Zooey on my bookshelf or a perfectly sized pair of Lucky Jeans. When I spot it reclining on a shelf or hanging there so sweetly on the rack, I am called towards it, as a bumblebee is drawn to an enormous tower of foxglove. Why is this? I have no idea. Somehow a bond forms with between me and my things. It pains me to see others wearing my clothes - I usually lend nothing for this very reason. With a books I am equally compulsive. Although I already have a copy I always pick it up, look longingly upon its familiar words - force myself to replace it upon the bookstore shelf and move on. Why? Who knows.


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