Thursday - White, Brown, Black

I took my ecological footprint referred by little birds green post of Wednesday. This was one of the most depressing tests I have ever willingly participated in. Apparently I am evil. Given that I have never used public transport (there is none here) and I live alone in a largish house (making me not only a freak but a wasteful one at that) I am a drone of the evil empire. I really am trying, people. I use Liquor bottles as vases (since recycling service here is sketchy at best),causing me to appear alcoholic yet thrifty. I compost not only my kitchen waste but the junk mail from the office shredder. I grow my own vegetables in the summer. I have given up slug bait for more natural beer bottle entrapment that causes my yard to have that "was so drunk I lost my bottle in the yard" look. I am going to use fishmeal fertilizer from the local fish plant instead of miracle-grow, causing my yard to probally become the most putrid smelling in the neighborhood. I buy my coffee from my locally owned coffee shop instead of the massively generic conglomerate Starbucks. I have a very fuel efficient car.
All I can say is if I am struck and killed while trudging to work in the dark & rain or murdered by SWF psycho roommate, it is all the earth day people's fault.


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