Yellow Monday

Yellow MondayI know I should be living in perfect environmental balance, but you have never seen my slugs
These contain beautiful bottles of Homebrew. Yes, recycling at it's finest.
These lovely branches were purloined from the neighbors tree last week and are very happy inside.
Not quite Monday, I ran out of time (yes and thankfully time is no longer the SPT theme, still haven't finished that either)
I got a bit of a shock yesterday. An old friend, very dear to me, found me on an internet site I recently signed into for new music. I haven't heard from Buddha in many, many years. After receiving his message, I spent all morning in my car driving. There was plenty of time for me to obsess over my reply, and I obsess so well. In the end a short email but time consuming was sent, expressing that which is close to my heart, which for me always requires over-thinking since I am out of practice at divulging anything. As you may notice, personal issues are rarely, if ever, spoken of here. In a blog, go figure.
So yellow monday is brought to you by the Letter M for Micah and the Number 2 for the hours of Pasagshak driving time.


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