Why is it older people are fascinated by identity theft? I have been lectured in depth regarding the dire possibility, the need to scrupulously safeguard my mail from the greedy hands of thieves and the lengths necessary to that end. (Why would anyone want to be me? I think the boringness of my life is a more than adequate defense against the dark forces.) I think they secretly want someone out there to attempt to steal their identity. It's as if they're undercover secret heroes trying to outsmart the evil nemesis bent on world destruction. Crossword puzzles have always been recommended for keeping the mind active and Alzheimer free. Could it be that Identity theft is actually beneficial; a twisted mind game keeping mental faculties sharp?
This is a brilliant python game, which I'm ashamed to say did steal some of my time I can never get back.


Anonymous jen said...

maybe this is your surper hero!

3/24/2006 2:47 PM  

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