This is my mum's lovely butcher block that has been serving as the altar for an unknown god (notice the new paint, now dry. Hideous color, isn't it?). This lovely butcher block belongs in the Kitchen, not as a resting place for the oversized, heavy, time wasting object of my affection, also know as The Television. Therefore I went to Walmart and picked up (with difficulty, it's quite weighty) an 'entertainment center'. Supposedly easy to assemble. - On Sale -
Look at all the pieces. Just look at them. Count them. ELEVEN pieces of 'entertainment', not counting the 50 nails to attach the back cover. Then I discover the front trim piece - you can see it there on the right, the really skinny black one - is broken. This is a pre-owned entertainment center. Complete with wrongly attached hardware. I decide to assemble it anyway; after all I had lugged it through Walmart, out into the Parking Lot, managed to put it into the back of the car, drove it around all day, took it up and out of the back of my car, down the steps and into the house, and remember it's heavy as only particle board furniture can be.
Now, take a look at the instructions..... What do they think customers of Walmart who buy cheap, ready to assemble furniture are? Rocket Scientists? Two Pages of instructions pictures and descriptions followed by diagrams and arrows, both sides of the paper. But I persevered thinking that it really couldn't be so bad. Two hours later....................
It was so bad.
The cracked piece of trim was (of course) for the very top, front of the unit. This crack caused the entire right corner to warp up and no amount of tightening the screws and pounding on the top piece with a hammer (#$%@&^*) fixed this issue. I went to meeting and returned home at 10:00 pm and disassembled the horror that was in my living room - not before snapping a picture to prove I had in fact reached Rocket Science status -
So.... it's back to Walmart
On other news, I'm less than fond of my color choice, any ideas?


Anonymous jen said...

i'm not sure which is more hideous the wall color or the entertainment center (if you ask me its very optimistic to call that small piece a "center")

2/27/2006 10:36 AM  

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