You thought I was going to post more pink paint pictures didn't you? You thought to yourself 'self, surely a second coat of paint will improve the color choice'. I am here to say that - DRUMROLL - I don't know. I have not yet applied a second coat, and it doesn't look like finishing is anywhere near in my future. I remembered (while eating cereal for dinner before bolting out the door for book study) that I have: a talk this week, Charlie The Frequently Absent Boss is going to be well....absent and I am still not done with special Nutcracker Slippers for the Mum.

(Sorry about the glare.) The strange top picture are (supposed to be) the bottom soles, but of course I didn't knit a gauge swatch and am using completely different yarn than specified and don't really care. I was actually this far along on Saturday night but did not realize I was mentally handicapped and didn't own #2 double pointed needles. Naturally my local yarn shop is not open on Sundays or Mondays, thus pushing back completion even further. I know the Noro is not going to be as sophosticated looking as the pattern picture bit I do so love the colors.


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