Green Wednesday

Green is so much easier to find than blue. My eyes are drawn to every new green shoot......

I wanted to post as well about the latest book I finished. This would be so much more impressive if only I wasn't so internetly-challenged (I think this in a valid condition) and could have a photo/link in the actual post instead of just the sidebar. Anyway kestrel asked how I enjoyed the book Arthur & George by Julian Barnes. I stumbled upon this along with Never Let me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro (who is so brilliant: I read Remains of the Day finally this year; loved When We Were Orphans) because they were both shortlisted for the Booker Prize. The BBC had several lucky candidates attempt to read all the Shortlisted books before the prize was announced, 17 books in 21 days. This of course captured my fancy (no big surprise there) and I contemplated trying - until I saw most of the books were still in hardback, not available yet at my local library and I totaled up my Amazon Shopping cart. New plan. I will attempt to rent from Library as they come available and read throughout the year - as part of my entirely attainable (I hope) 50 books in 2006 challenge. But I digress, back to the book.......I think what I found especially insightful was the dawning realization Sir Arthur Conan Doyle comes to with regard to his platonic relationship with Jean Leckie. Without revealing to much, lets just say he starts to understand it doesn't always matter how things are but sometimes it's how they appear to others. I was also fascinated by the two mens view of racial prejudice. Sir Arthur was completely convinced racial prejudice was the motive behind George's conviction and jail sentence, yet George is puzzled if not slightly offended by this assumption. Now I have begun American Gods by Neil Gaiman. It is excellent so far, if sometimes a bit too descriptive.


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