I am still alive despite a hectic week involving late nights, early mornings, not sleeping well, new employee interview during company lunch, my car not running as it should and having go to & fro the shop, the most important day of the year for Jehovah's Witnesses and construction picking up again at my hopefully completed by May 15th because school is out and bosses girlfriend's three kids will be running around the house NEW OFFICE.
Let me just say for the record, even if you are in a small back water town applying for the job of journeyman electrician and are living in your van because you haven't found a rental that will accept your dog: TAKE A SHOWER BEFORE COMING TO LUNCH INTERVIEW AND REMOVE STOCKING CAP. We hired him anyway, it's amazing what you'll do when things are desperate. Also another no-no: A 36 year old man should not come to interview in a Chronicles of Narnia T-Shirt. Just an observation. My Boss went outside to take a call and the guy started telling me about his desire to get married, settle down and have kids. This was a job interview that somehow started feeling slightly date-like IN A BAD WAY. I have never had problems with employees feeling amorous, usually they are quite a bit older than I am and even more usually married. I am more than okay with this non-amorous workplace. Why Oh why does it have to be the geek in love with his dog that starts confiding in me?


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