Jen, THIS made me laugh, especially after our appending 'like a homeless person' discussion last night.


I had a great weekend with a visit from my Sister and a whole slew of other people (most of whom I even liked)
we ate lots of food, drank quite a bit of beer, played some cards and even fit in a visit to the beach:
Now the house is empty....


I watched Billy Bragg & Wilco - Man in the Sand (The Making of Mermaid Avenue) last night while making a MILLION cookies. (Really, the cookie count is only a smallish exaggeration.) It was an interesting film but Wilco being included in the title is a wee bit misleading since only a tiny bit of Wilco footage is included. I love the album Mermaid Avenue (I was referred this album by a random guy sitting next to me in the balcony of a Wilco concert in Dublin. He and his friend were really nice and moved a seat so my mum & I could sit together. Dude, wherever you are, that was really nice of you - the seat AND the album.)
I think, for me, the most enlightening part was learning more about Woody Guthrie. Did you know he wrote the lyrics but borrowed a gospel melody for This Land is Your Land? (Yes, I am that woefully ignorant about American history). One of the additional verses of the ever-popular-choice-for-elementary-school-children (and a song I hated) originally written in 1940, was also eye-opening:
There was a big high wall there that tried to stop me;
Sign was painted, it said private property;
But on the back side it didn't say nothing;
That side was made for you and me.
How did I not know this song was so cool?

Anyway.......next knitting project may be this.. The Retro Redux Shrug from Lace Style. It looks interesting enough that I may even overcome my fear of Shrugs. I already have a lovely yarn possibility in robins's egg blue sitting, just sitting, leftover from something else. Any thoughts?


I realized suddenly when considering my summer reading expectations that many of my choices have been formed through watching Titlepage. The latest episode was equally compelling, especially the poet Edward Hirsch. I found his interview and comments to be pleasingly articulate. Particularly when he was questioned about his work methods and Mr Hirsch said of himself 'I don't have a temperament of great equilibrium'.

I also had the dawning realization that the reason my chest was UNBEARABLY ITCHY AND I WANTED TO TEAR THE FLESH OFF WITH BARE HANDS was not completely random but may have had something to do with my visiting a tanning booth yesterday.

So, in other words, my dawning realizations aren't all that interesting.



I re-watched I am Trying to Break Your Heart again last night in preparation to seeing Wilco LIVE IN CONCERT July 26th (yes, I am more than a wee bit excited about this prospect. If this make me a dork, well, that is something I think I can live with.) I was pleasantly surprised how well the documentary held up under a second viewing.
Next up I have queued Billy Bragg & Wilco - Man in the Sand (The Making of Mermaid Avenue), my plan is to be at least partially well-informed about something. Well, anything really. And Wilco might as well be it.


Somehow, today, I needed to lighten up. THIS article made me laugh out loud.

i had to laugh when i saw THIS

do you think it would really help me out?


Have you heard of Library Thing? APPARENTLY you can load the books from your bookshelf and mark then read, unread, etc. They have a I See Dead People['s Books] group where you can look at the library list of famous people. For instance you can look at the library list of F. Scott Fitzgerald.
Not only did he have some pretty cool books but also appears to have marked in them.

My question: If you died and someone loaded your library list onto the internet, would you have cause for embarrassment?