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The first cup of the day
This first cup must be carefully savoured. I don't care that my hair is sticking up, that I have not yet taken my morning shower, that I'm wearing my Dad's T-shirt and a pair of baggy pajama pants, that the house looks like an explosion has occurred. I sit down and sip my coffee.


This is my mum's lovely butcher block that has been serving as the altar for an unknown god (notice the new paint, now dry. Hideous color, isn't it?). This lovely butcher block belongs in the Kitchen, not as a resting place for the oversized, heavy, time wasting object of my affection, also know as The Television. Therefore I went to Walmart and picked up (with difficulty, it's quite weighty) an 'entertainment center'. Supposedly easy to assemble. - On Sale -
Look at all the pieces. Just look at them. Count them. ELEVEN pieces of 'entertainment', not counting the 50 nails to attach the back cover. Then I discover the front trim piece - you can see it there on the right, the really skinny black one - is broken. This is a pre-owned entertainment center. Complete with wrongly attached hardware. I decide to assemble it anyway; after all I had lugged it through Walmart, out into the Parking Lot, managed to put it into the back of the car, drove it around all day, took it up and out of the back of my car, down the steps and into the house, and remember it's heavy as only particle board furniture can be.
Now, take a look at the instructions..... What do they think customers of Walmart who buy cheap, ready to assemble furniture are? Rocket Scientists? Two Pages of instructions pictures and descriptions followed by diagrams and arrows, both sides of the paper. But I persevered thinking that it really couldn't be so bad. Two hours later....................
It was so bad.
The cracked piece of trim was (of course) for the very top, front of the unit. This crack caused the entire right corner to warp up and no amount of tightening the screws and pounding on the top piece with a hammer (#$%@&^*) fixed this issue. I went to meeting and returned home at 10:00 pm and disassembled the horror that was in my living room - not before snapping a picture to prove I had in fact reached Rocket Science status -
So.... it's back to Walmart
On other news, I'm less than fond of my color choice, any ideas?


with a coupon!!!

I thought I was the only one fascinated with the Quiznos sub commercial featuring the furballs, apparently not. Just search google (keywords Quiznos pirate) and 18,400 results are supposedly available - not that I checked up on all of them, just the first 17,500. Actually these 'spongmonkeys' are described on NPR as 'captivating' and 'repellent'. Unfortunately Quiznos doesn't have the commercials available for download on their site. The genius behind these repulsive lint animals is rathergood.com: home of the monkey invaders game, which could really catch on; and the pants song sung by alien kitten duo, very catchy.
You thought I was going to post more pink paint pictures didn't you? You thought to yourself 'self, surely a second coat of paint will improve the color choice'. I am here to say that - DRUMROLL - I don't know. I have not yet applied a second coat, and it doesn't look like finishing is anywhere near in my future. I remembered (while eating cereal for dinner before bolting out the door for book study) that I have: a talk this week, Charlie The Frequently Absent Boss is going to be well....absent and I am still not done with special Nutcracker Slippers for the Mum.

(Sorry about the glare.) The strange top picture are (supposed to be) the bottom soles, but of course I didn't knit a gauge swatch and am using completely different yarn than specified and don't really care. I was actually this far along on Saturday night but did not realize I was mentally handicapped and didn't own #2 double pointed needles. Naturally my local yarn shop is not open on Sundays or Mondays, thus pushing back completion even further. I know the Noro is not going to be as sophosticated looking as the pattern picture bit I do so love the colors.


Pink in progress....

Wall is still pink....

Now that it is drying, it's not quite so pink. With a second coat and my new trim up it could be smashing. We'll see....



They have come!!

Crate&Barrel are lovely, lovely people
Blogger on the other hand are irritating, stupid people who are tying to thwart me in my attempt to load multiple picture without having to wait for the third coming of Christ. The Wonderful United States Postal Service is also slightly mystifying in that my package was in route as of January 27th, in Washington state Feb 6th but somehow priority mail did not get it here until February 17th?
What do they do with these boxes?


2.16.06 1:15 P.M.
Coming back from lunch
2/16/06 8:05 A.M.
Late for work


You Are Animal
A complete lunatic, you're operating on 100% animal instincts.You thrive on uncontrolled energy, and you're downright scary.But you sure can beat a good drum."Kill! Kill!"

Too bad, I wanted to be Janice... For your muppet personality click here
my sister jen........

the queen mum....

My sister is not modeling an actual hat of The Queen Mum, but rather a gosh darn good replica available at ghetto burlingtons in Anchorage.


Interweave has a Spring 2006 preview up on their site. Just a few ideas.... Magazine comes out February 21st
Well, Tuesday came and went without a SPT post. There is a very good reason for this. I am not crazy about the new theme All of me. Self portraits are in themselves very daring for me, showing yet more is uncomfortable. I'm sure it's all well and good to 'embrace our mistakes' and 'love the ugly bits' but isn't that what we have been doing?
Next week I will jump into this with both feet but, in the meantime, I'm clinging with both hands to what little is left of my dignity.


The Olympics are coming!

For more info on the Knitting Olympics, please visit the yarnharlot (buttons are purloined from her site) and read about the details. I will not be participating due to the non-arrival of highly anticipated 'mauve' yarn coming from UK. Please join in if possible and support this truly insane endeavor (which are always the most fun). Already over 2500 knitters participating, Feb 10th through 26th.