Self Portrait Challenge - Introduce yourself

One more week of this theme.....
I enjoy getting up early
I sometimes feel like my very independent cat is too much commitment
I've only seriously dated twice and the second time doesn't really even count
I'm allergic to bee stings


'The winch that ate his finger' or 'How I spent the night at the Hospital'

Bad things happen. After 5 P.M.
Don't worry, I did not take photos. I was having enough trouble not spending the whole evening doubled over on the floor, rocking back and forth with my hands over my ears singing in a high falsetto. It's been a week that can only be described using words that nice Jehovah's Witness girls are not supposed to use. Apparently winches like fingers and apparently Dr.s are relunctant to reattached mangled tips. But I want to know: Where ARE all the cute interns? The doctor did not live up to my expectations either, looking nothing like Patrick Dempsey (I can never look at him the same way, however, after Ari's post) or George Clooney.


Well, whipup has brought to my attention two brilliant schemes. On June 10 it is World Wide Knit in Public Day, May 29th is the last day for organizers to sign up. (I'd love to participate but am relunctant to organize.) Then my personal favorite: World Cup Knit Along starting June 9th & ending July 9th 2006. I've yet to decide what the lucky project will be - planning commences tonight. Perhaps the Interweave Prairie Tank?
Steve has specially ordered Cable for the World Cup, so much time will be spent over there watching matches.


Self Portrait Challenge - Introduce Yourself

My hands are always stained in the summer
I mow my yard every third day if it isn't raining
It is impossible for me to pull out the suckers off the Lilac and pitch them
I prune everything in sight


My other vacation pics....which mum would hate



This is one of the few vacation pictures I took....
Mum would kill me if she saw it

Self Portrait Tuesday

5.02.06 11:AM
Earthly Goods dressing room, Ashland OR
I have a thing for things. Not all things. Just a few things. Lucky Jeans; dresses; rubber boots: brightly colored; Books; wooly Thyme.
When I come across these things I have a compulsion to purchase them. It matters not that I already have a copy of Franny and Zooey on my bookshelf or a perfectly sized pair of Lucky Jeans. When I spot it reclining on a shelf or hanging there so sweetly on the rack, I am called towards it, as a bumblebee is drawn to an enormous tower of foxglove. Why is this? I have no idea. Somehow a bond forms with between me and my things. It pains me to see others wearing my clothes - I usually lend nothing for this very reason. With a books I am equally compulsive. Although I already have a copy I always pick it up, look longingly upon its familiar words - force myself to replace it upon the bookstore shelf and move on. Why? Who knows.