This is what happens when ones sister is not around to call.....

one decides that ones hair is weighing them done and is impossible and could be so much cuter. and one drives downtown and randomly enters a beauty establishment and says 'All Off'. i have also discovered that i feel much more glamorous as a comic and that my fabulous new macbook is brilliant and has Photo Booth that you can click a button and voila! enter a surreal, glamour filled life. even my office looks cool in the background. i could be an intrepid journalist, dashing off to cover a dangerous assignment. or a classy secretary working for a handsome executive who looks remarkably like a cross between Cary Grant and George Clooney. SEE. This is what happens when my sister is away. i turn crazy and very imaginative with delusions of grandeur.

where i self-obsess, yet again...and talk about knitting

um, hello?
when my sister is away, i have no one to talk to.
this became very clear last night when i called my mum and talked her ear off. there are some things, however, you just can't say to your mum. nothing dirty. just things she won't really appreciate, things you don't even remember to tell her, things that are miniscule and boring but your sister will listen to anyway.
now for Knitting Stuff:
started again on the rusted root sweater from zephyr style. the first time around i must not have been paying adequate attention (big surprise) because my lace pattern down the front was not an identifiable anything. looked liked big, fat nothing, in fact.
now i have completed 16 rows and voila! actually looks similar to the pattern picture. funny how that works.


and LOOK!
yeah, i know i didn't get very far. but i did just start last night, cut me some slack. i ordered some yarn for the dollar and a half cardigan from Spring Interweave magazine. and it arrived. not in love with it though. the color looked lovely light beige/brown/soft/warm in the picture and in person looks sort-off = ehh.
you know, take it or leave it, boring ehh. maybe after i knit up a gauge swatch i will be blown away by it's extra super-duper brilliance. than again, maybe not. problem is, i ordered online and it's so not refundable.




thoughts to ponder with Ray Arno

On a radio station near me there is a segment with a preacher every day at noon. 'Thoughts to ponder with Ray Arno' he's always spouting drivel, so when I'm feeling verbal diarrhea coming on it's always that phrase that starts playing round and round in my head. So here it is: the segment we like to call 'merlot and blogging don't mix' or 'thoughts kerri would rather not ponder but surface after an evening of drinking wine with friends'.
i watched Stranger than Fiction tonight for the second time, and it stood up well to a second viewing. i started pondering (with the help of several glasses of wine) the women in the movie: Emma Thompson as the brilliant, eccentric writer and Maggie Gyllenhal as the smart, gutsy love interest. i want to be one of those kinds of women. and i don't feel unique or unusual or different (or sometimes even remotely interesting).
i am a disappointment to me.
and that is the worse let down of all.


weekend update

friday night: went to Beth & Steve's for dinner with beth's parents, drank yummy guinness ate yummy pizza put sleeves on my Central Park Hoody. came home and stayed up finishing my hood - washed and blocked.

saturday morning:
got up early, took shower, went to coffee shop hoping to gain impetus, felt how cold it was - wimped out and went home. dinked around with my mac playing with my SPC pic, watched tv. Laura called and wanted someone to go with her to the Health Fair and Comfish, so i went. was fascinating.
afternoon: went to knitting shop, bought super long circ needles to finish ribbing on CPH and to Walmart for buttons that i am still undecided on, took a tan (ahhh, felt good). watched Robin Hood & Clatterford on BBC America, am still in love with both. played with tulle i bought for making princess crowns using Alterknits Cepe paper crown pattern - successfully made a fabulous one, only took forever and is the correct size for very small doll. will have to start again. watched The Office Season 2 Disc 2 while i was knitting it- is hard to catch up and watch new season at same time. went to bed kinda early, 10

sunday: got up, studied, went to meeting, came home and frantically cleaned house (there was tulle bits and yarn and books and coffee cups EVERYWHERE) Terry came to show new accounting program with steve & beth & little girls, program would not work - he tried everything, including going home twice for different disks. they finally called it quits at 4:30 and went home.
evening: finished ribbing on SPH and bound off (a little too tight, had to stretch ribbing a lot when washing and blocking). IS FABULOUS
finished with the exception of buttons/snaps.
sorry the lighting is so bad. the yarn is very dark navy tweed, i had to stand with bits of me in the sun for the cables to show up.



self portrait challenge
i used the pikipimp and the hockneyizer. was fun


Okay, time to vote: which next? I quite like the Gatsby Girl from the Fall issue of Interweave, but then there's the Dollar and a Half from the Spring issue, you can't see the back in the photo but the back has stripes.

Dollar and a Half Cardigan



i am flying on guest pass to see my sister which means i have to wait for them to have room for me on the Plane. WELL it snowed all day yesterday, so therefore there were cancelled flights causing them to have no room for me this morning. so now i am waiting... this is actually not too bad since i got to sleep in this morning and now i have extra time to decide what to pack. unfortunately this additional time is not helping me decide what to pack.


tv viewing

i am in love with studio 60 on the sunset strip and i will be very sad if this gets pushed off for a bunch off snotty-nosed little hoodrats. my sister and i have been debating the merits of NBC's new show the black donnelly's. i have now decided that i don't like it: why then can i not look away? oddly mesmerizing.
any thoughts?


where i post pictures and talk about knitting instead of getting any actual work done

MANY exciting packages arrived in the mail yesterday, full of many good things
this lovely laptop case (it is very cushy and well padded, i'm so impressed) from Janine King Designs

these beautiful pendants and tags from missficklemedia
and my t-shirts showed up from Threadless (i am demonstrating my favorite and appearing fuzzy cause i tried out the glow feature in Picasa).
I should have taken some knitting progress pictures of my Central Park Hoody but i forgot my camera in the car during lunch and it was too cold to go outside to get it. not much progress to show since not much has been happening on it lately. i did wash and block the back and the front and attached the bottom sides, but am lagging on sleeve progress. haven't even started the hood. i decided to go see my sis (YAY) this weekend and this is a perfect time to go shopping for some sort-of closures for the front of my CP Hoody. i was thinking some of those big ass snaps since i didn't put in any buttonholes. Why? pure laziness. Also need to urgently purchase a baby girl gift for shower on Sunday now that i'm flying to Anchorage. How fast do you think i could knit baby booties if i decide to now? UGGHH.
last time i flew some lady made surprised comment about my knitting needles not being taken away as they are threat to national safety. don't you think i wouldn't travel with nice bamboo needles if they were going to be confiscated?


i'm so confused

to play a windows program on my new macbook - which i am in love with - they want me to purchase a virtual pc program that is larger than my actual laptop. does this seem reasonable? so i am not able to use it AT ALL. why don't they have a little tiny software thing-y to allow you to play little tiny programs? OF COURSE! that would make too much sense. so i'm drowning my sorrows by watching Robin Hood on BBC America that i DVR'D the other day. AM SO IN LOVE WITH THIS PROGRAM! The bad sheriff is the fine guy from North and South. If you have this channel, make sure to watch. Apparently it's scheduled for Saturdays. This channel is fabulous but only on the weekends, which makes a nice change from other channels that are horrid at the weekend. Finished the Calorimetry from Knitty.com out of Noro Yarn, i lost the yarn tag - it is the grey/blue/green colorway. Came out kinda large but i haven't washed it yet so that could all change.
Am posting from my Macbook at home - for some reason yet undiscovered it doesn't give me any editing tools to adjust my posting or add any links, only has spell check and image uploading capabilities. What The?