thoughts to ponder with Ray Arno

On a radio station near me there is a segment with a preacher every day at noon. 'Thoughts to ponder with Ray Arno' he's always spouting drivel, so when I'm feeling verbal diarrhea coming on it's always that phrase that starts playing round and round in my head. So here it is: the segment we like to call 'merlot and blogging don't mix' or 'thoughts kerri would rather not ponder but surface after an evening of drinking wine with friends'.
i watched Stranger than Fiction tonight for the second time, and it stood up well to a second viewing. i started pondering (with the help of several glasses of wine) the women in the movie: Emma Thompson as the brilliant, eccentric writer and Maggie Gyllenhal as the smart, gutsy love interest. i want to be one of those kinds of women. and i don't feel unique or unusual or different (or sometimes even remotely interesting).
i am a disappointment to me.
and that is the worse let down of all.


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