monday things and weekend update

listening to: The twang

they have not yet released an album but i learned about them from BBC list of bands that are about to be the next big thing. i liked them the best out of all featured. why is it i love british bands so much
Reading: The Glass Castle
quite gripping actually.
Sad: jc the apprentice went away to school on saturday and it is not the same without him. hustler is sick or depressed, not sure which. makes me disturbed when my boys are not happy. does not help i was woken at 4: am by the wind - i do not cope on too few hours of sleep.
Weekend: could not remember where i put charlie's keys, stressed all evening friday. woke saturday to the realization he only left me the truck key and took the others. quickly realized i was an idiot and where (OF COURSE) i would have placed a single key and (DUH) sure enough that's exactly where it was.
went with the little girls in service, had a nimrod tell me there is no basis to the belief that the earth is being polluted/ruined/globallywarmed/mismanaged. huh? what the? of course this was coming from someone with garbage piled in his yard and on his porch. you just have to smile.
got to listen to discussion re: the horrors of the internet/blogging/posting pictures for everyone to see. they could find you. don't people have much better things to do with their time?
knitted on wicked black cardigan, went and bought several different button choices so i could compare and decide. almost done - have 3/4 left to go on the last sleeve, buy more of the chosen buttons and block. the body is a trifle more fitted than i'm accustomed to. washing and blocking may fix this. I'm considering making a tie at the waist with little belts loops. we'll see.


Anonymous jen said...

I hate it when conversations w/ ignorant people continue to replay in my mind...I keep thinking about what I should or should not have said.
And they always leave a horrible knot in my stomache(sp?).

2/26/2007 11:49 AM  

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