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MANY exciting packages arrived in the mail yesterday, full of many good things
this lovely laptop case (it is very cushy and well padded, i'm so impressed) from Janine King Designs

these beautiful pendants and tags from missficklemedia
and my t-shirts showed up from Threadless (i am demonstrating my favorite and appearing fuzzy cause i tried out the glow feature in Picasa).
I should have taken some knitting progress pictures of my Central Park Hoody but i forgot my camera in the car during lunch and it was too cold to go outside to get it. not much progress to show since not much has been happening on it lately. i did wash and block the back and the front and attached the bottom sides, but am lagging on sleeve progress. haven't even started the hood. i decided to go see my sis (YAY) this weekend and this is a perfect time to go shopping for some sort-of closures for the front of my CP Hoody. i was thinking some of those big ass snaps since i didn't put in any buttonholes. Why? pure laziness. Also need to urgently purchase a baby girl gift for shower on Sunday now that i'm flying to Anchorage. How fast do you think i could knit baby booties if i decide to now? UGGHH.
last time i flew some lady made surprised comment about my knitting needles not being taken away as they are threat to national safety. don't you think i wouldn't travel with nice bamboo needles if they were going to be confiscated?


Anonymous Cherry said...

Good for people to know.

11/11/2008 8:43 AM  

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