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um, hello?
when my sister is away, i have no one to talk to.
this became very clear last night when i called my mum and talked her ear off. there are some things, however, you just can't say to your mum. nothing dirty. just things she won't really appreciate, things you don't even remember to tell her, things that are miniscule and boring but your sister will listen to anyway.
now for Knitting Stuff:
started again on the rusted root sweater from zephyr style. the first time around i must not have been paying adequate attention (big surprise) because my lace pattern down the front was not an identifiable anything. looked liked big, fat nothing, in fact.
now i have completed 16 rows and voila! actually looks similar to the pattern picture. funny how that works.


and LOOK!
yeah, i know i didn't get very far. but i did just start last night, cut me some slack. i ordered some yarn for the dollar and a half cardigan from Spring Interweave magazine. and it arrived. not in love with it though. the color looked lovely light beige/brown/soft/warm in the picture and in person looks sort-off = ehh.
you know, take it or leave it, boring ehh. maybe after i knit up a gauge swatch i will be blown away by it's extra super-duper brilliance. than again, maybe not. problem is, i ordered online and it's so not refundable.


Anonymous gay said...

this yarn looks the same or very similar to the yarn i'm using for the eyelet cardigan..mine is blue sky cotton the color is stone. and i thought it was too boring but in a neutral way, i think it'll get more use if it's neutral and my idea was it wouldn't show dirt...like i'm going to scrub floors in it or something! i claaed it thhe most boring color on earth but it's groowing on my and i like the sweater so much i'm now in love with the color! give it a chance.

3/31/2007 5:34 AM  

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