Tree Jacket Progress Pics



endlessly looping...

in my head for the last two days.

Ethel has been giving this pretty heavy play. Bright Eyes will be in Anchorage September 19 & 20.


where i chronicle (with pictures) my boneheadedness...

First i started with suggested #8 needles and knit size small (32-35"bust), got this far,
tried it on and decided it was too big.I finally knit a gauge swatch (i know, i know, doh) and began again with #7 needles but thinking i was smarter than zephyr style, I decided to knit the xs size (28-31" bust) and carry garter stitch down over boobies, ALL THE WHILE DECREASING another 6 stitches for (i imagined) a sculpted fit. (For knitting informational purposes: Keep in mind my actual bust measurement as of this morning is 34.5", measured according to Knitting Daily standards). Imagine my surprise when i decided to try on the new improved sweater. Yes, in fact, quite snug. Unbecomingly so. This was yesterday afternoon. Think yourselves very privileged that i am sharing these very unflattering pictures i'd rather never see the light of day. These are for educational purposes only. they are to show the need to TRUST the very smart girls at zephyr style and to knit according to your ACTUAL measurements, not what you wish they were.
Here is the front/side.....
and here is the back... So, i am beginning again. with the #7 needles. And I'm this far.......and yes,
this time i am going to follow the pattern.


Weekend Woes

Tuesday my car wouldn't start - not to go into too much boring detail, but given the symptoms I thought it had something to do with my automatic starter installed last winter (called the auto-start man and he said it's was my battery). Car ran fine all week, THEN Friday night at 10: p.m it did it again. Fixing this non-starting problem involves popping the hood, reaching underneath to depress a switch whilst reaching into the car and manually turning the key. Kinda a pain. Especially when it's pouring rain, such as was the case Friday night. Saturday a.m.: same thing happened, only this time the car didn't sound so hot when it started. I left a rather abrupt message for the auto-start man Saturday and he called back for me to bring it down. I spent over an hour in the rain while he grounded off the nasty black junk from my battery and reconnected it. (was very nice and did not charge me to grind off about a inch of nastiness.)He also listened to my driver side window and is going to clean it out for me.
What does a girl do when she is depressed over her car troubles? She starts pricing new stereos to install in the said automobile and spontaneously orders one to be installed next week. So next time she is stuck in a non-starting car, at least she can blast her tunes and stick her arm out the window....into the rain.


more cake.....

I've purposely let several days pass before i set down to talk about this concert. Live music is incredibly fun, but there is always that possibility that the band you love will let you down during a live performance. There are so many variables: the sound could be off, the band jet-lagged or hung-over, the people around you just plain gross. That said....
Cake sounded incredible. They never lost their momentum. The crowd never got tired. And despite my wearing alot of beer from some delusional guy who thought he could dance while holding a full cup, nothing rained on my parade. I didn't carry my camera inside so my hands would be free, and it was a good choice. Cake came on pretty late and it steadily got darker which definitely encouraged dancing.

I just wish I could have found a good clip of Mexico.


Weekend Wrap-up

Well.....did not make it off island friday night due to fog. was seriously cranky at the thought of possibly missing Cake concert Saturday night. booked early flight saturday a.m., woke up to even thicker fog, sweet talked the airline rep over the phone into changing my flight to 3:p.m. and the fog disappeared around 1:p.m. YAY! Went with sisters and friends to see Cake - which was everything i thought it could be and more. Red haired friend behaved very well and did not remove his shirt and jump barricades. Alas, i took not one picture.
We went and stayed over at my sister's friends house and slept in, then Jen made fabulous breakfast - which i consumed enough for three people (hey! concerts are hard work). and we watched movies and DID NOTHING. it was very good. Watched Disturbia, which was actually kinda disturbing. then i flew home, end of weekend. Here are some gratuitous shots of my newly scrubbed/stained (as of yesterday) deck. These were taken around 9:30 p.m., you've just gotta love all the light. and this is the spawn of Satan


cake love

yes, i'm a dork.....

This is where my sister, I & friends will be Saturday night. If you see a red haired dude without a shirt jumping barricades - I DON"T KNOW HIM.


orangina update

Despite some of this...... there is not much of this....... progress is VERY slow, due to many mistakes hard to notice when you're knitting lace with toothpicks.
the Tree Jacket, however......
is going much faster since i'm using actual yarn and knitting needles.



(there is actually some rhubarb lurking underneath the strawberries, but they are both from my garden.)
mowed the lawn, picked strawberries, lettuce greens and a baby broccoli from the garden, made strawberry rhubarb crisp and did some knitting last night on my tree jacket. All in all, a very successful evening.


weekend update...

Friday night: cast on for the fabulous tree jacket since Orangina wasn't going to fast - (i think the no sleeping was at fault in all the stupid lace knitting mistakes, couldn't be me, right?) finished up rewatching season 1 of Veronica Mars.
Saturday: slept in to 9:00AM! yay! didn't leave the house ALL day. it was great. the weather wasn't so good so i knitted and started season 2 of Veronica Mars. stayed up knitting till 12:ish.
Sunday: went to meeting and then to lunch with Beth and Steve and the little girls. came home and it wasn't raining so i went and got horse manure for my potato patch and rocks at the beach for my driveway. knitted briefly and finished season 2 VM, went to see Transformers with Steve and Beth.
yes, TRANSFORMERS. was hilarious.


My boss,

Charlie (confident): ' i thought about calling hot line to sing you happy birthday'.
me(bewildered): 'But you don't sing'.
Charlie (still confident): 'I know. Would you be embarrassed if I had?'
me (increasing bewildered): 'why would I be embarrassed, you are the one that doesn't sing.'
Charlie (very proudly): 'I don't even hum'.
me (becoming greatly amused): 'or whistle'.
Charlie (even prouder, if that is possible): 'yeah, I can't'.
me: 'can't what'.
Charlie: 'whistle'.


Finshed Object update

I have finished knitting TWO market bags, but only have pictures of one...mum is going to kill me for posting her picture. I cropped my head out, i like my hair much better in my imagination than in real life.


9:05 am, at work
10:00, picking up deposit book at home
11:15am, at work, talking to Beth on the phone
12:00pm, in car driving home from work
1:17pm, knitting on mum's market bag at the kitchen table, drinking hard cider
2:35pm, trying to dye market bag in tea
3:05pm, at home knitting Orangina at the kitchen table
4:15pm, at airport sitting with mum, beth and the little girls waiting for the airplane
5:00pm, at airport waiting in line with mum
6:05pm, at home analyzing my artichoke
(It's very tricky to take pictures of my right hand)