weekend wrap-up

Well, we went camping Friday night: the sun was shining, the whales were spouting, the little girls were playing, we were swimming and digging in the sand...and i took no pictures. It started sprinkling on us Sunday A.M. so we packed up and came home.
My cascade Luna yarn in Lime (was brighter than I remembered from Yarn store I originally spotted it at) arrived Friday for the Ms Marigold from Zephyr Knits. I started it on Sunday Afternoon while watching saved episodes of Dr Who and drinking some of the leftover camping beer.Then, today i received my amazon package with two more knitting books inside: Fitted Knits and Knitting Lingerie Style. So many exciting patterns to choose from. These are from Fitted Knits:
Puff-Sleeved Cardigan Perfect Periwinkle Bold and Bulky Mini Cardi
These are from Knitting Lingerie Style:
Shaped Lace Tee
Surplice Bodice Camisole
I'm impressed with both books yarn choices, they seem very reasonable. The shaped lace tee is made out of 3 skeins cascade sierra - i think i might have that much left over from wicked sweater. don't you think it would look hot in red?


the yarn harlot cometh...

Today, the yarn harlot is in Anchorage on book tour. I, sadly, will not be there. I live in Alaska, yes, but far enough away that travel to see her is not economically feasible right now. She will be at Title Wave, one of my most favorite-est places in the entire world, and i would encourage everyone to go see her, but tickets seem to be sold out already.



I so COULD have met my deadline.....except for this small pitiful amount of yarn is all that is left and there is one button band with VERY important button holes missing from this picture. And let me tell you this small, pitiful amount is not enough for the remaining piece. I did, in fact, try. Very, very hard.


Eyelet Cardigan progresses....

LOOK, it matches my red Dansko shoes! yay
I so did not expect that.
Just have most of the sleeves, neckline & button band to go. I set myself a finishing deadline of this Sunday, hopefully this will spur me on to find some buttons. I plan on wearing this the last weekend of June when I go to see my sis in Anchorage. Haven't figured out what skirt/dress I am going to pair with the cardigan and shoes......details, details,
I have been enjoying my quiet, empty house since Saturday when the unusually long staying people left. am so in love with my couch. have been knitting and watching the first seasons of Dr Who and Veronica Mars. I know it's supposed to be summer and I should be outside but it's still raining......


budget cuts

Have resolved (yet again) to attempt a scale back on expenses.
Some definite ideas listed below........
    • make own coffee in morning, estimated savings:
      • per week: $14.00
      • per month: $56.00
      • per year: $672.00
    • turn off cable tv and internet for summer, estimated savings:
      • 3 months: $200.00
am going to get serious about this, since i'm not getting any less in debt.