i have pictures to frighten. can you see it? look closely.....
anyone suffering from arachnophobia in our midst? can you spot it now...? locoweed, see what you missed today?

my work here is done and now i will say happy friday....
and go drink beer with tag, griskus, chip & nicole. somedays i really love my life


i have been neglecting many things, blogging being one of them. somehow i can't work up enough enthusiasm to do much about it. so here is a random picture from last weekend.
only one day to go...


i. can't. wait.



mrs locoweed / wicked bad called to ask if i was still alive and i realized how silent things have been. Let me rephrase that - how silent i have been, things have been quite loud. namely: karaoke last night at smith's. very. loud. and i got beaned in the head with a stereo speaker that one of the twins knocked over onto me.

tag's sister was in town for a few very short days (we went to the pound and petted a kitten but sadly could not talk him into getting one, plotted an elaborate practical joke but need to locate a pregnant woman to execute its brilliance.... maybe he shouldn't let us hang out together) and then she left and tag got a house to rent friday night (which involved a wee bit of cleaning)
right before his parents showed up saturday and maximilian gave his 1st talk on Sunday.
so my week: bad head cold followed by fun, followed by awkward i-think-it-went-ok-ness, followed by relief that max did good.....