random shuffle wednesday

just because..... 
random 5 tunes from my iphone

Frank Sinatra - Cake

Quiet Little Voices - We Were Promised Jetpacks

Broken Chairs - Built To Spill

Patriarch on a Vespa - Metric

Wasteland - Ryan Adams & The Cardinals



i've been creating financial statements and trying not to think of tsunamis..... and those with families and friends in Japan.
after a 2: AM phone call, i am feeling less than rested and more than slightly paranoid.  i think it's time to review our emergency kit/plan this weekend. and get some more sleep.



we have been trying to look for a larger house.... it is taking up all of our extra time and energy.  so lame. it just seems that nothing is right.  might be the time of year too, is spring everywhere else but, sadly, not yet here.  maybe tomorrow..
I started kernel, in blue.  it is lovely.