Bright Eyes - Lua

I would love to see bright eyes live


brilliant surprise weekend

Here my sister and I are standing in the lake after climbing (me wheezing) up the mountain after she totally surprised me and visited for the weekend. Don't worry Jen I won't post the other pics.



Am very worried about a daily blog read that is missing. themutteringmuse.com is no longer there. I keep getting sent to bendinglightmag.com. This is very mysterious and disturbing, Hopefully she has not given her site up (?) as previously deliberated upon.



Art : Brought to you today by the letter 'H' for Harborside Fly By Coffee
In other news, I finally got blogger to upload pictures. Here is my crappy sheet rock job in all it's glory. Hustler will laugh his hiney off when he sees its horrible beauty. What other purpose have I but to provide hours of entertainment for fellow comrades? (I cut the hole myself too). I render men speechless - and not in a good way.


Self Portrait Challenge

Enclosed spaces
This is my new bathroom.....
It has been referred to as a Superman phonebooth, a cell, a closet and a cupboard. But look! doofus and I both fit inside. Only until my plumbing is installed. The very nice new plumber whose pants DO NOT FALL OFF ( a wonderful trait in a plumber) is installing the copper heating pipes for the office heat (YAY!) and will then test the water and sewer pipes. Unfortunately this will be ready next week for Hustler to install sheet rock but alas...he is out all next week. Apparently A GIRL is visiting and this requires vacation time. Some people. How dare he have a life when all I want is a functioning toilet.