sniffle, sniffle

Well, day 4 of illness has arrived. Exciting, it is not. On the upside: I did finish a new hat and am 1/2 way through a matching fingerless mitt. My new sweater is officially done but unofficially I think I'm going to tear out the neck and re-do it......again. No pictures are forthcoming since I look like crap and I have no one else to pose in the new garments. Such is life.
I ordered two new t-shirts from threadless because (a) I'm so in love with the first one and (b) I am sickly and weak and (c) I so deserve new cute t-shirts. What other choice had I but to fritter money away?
Watched 'The Breakup', please run out and rent ANYTHING BUT THIS MOVIE. Especially if you are sickly and weak, slightly depressed with horrible voice-robbing cold. I wanted to kill myself when it ended.

**Update: Blogger sucks. could have posted friday, but was not allowed


cough, cough

Apparently my flu shot was not the panacea I was hoping for, since yesterday I awoke reluctantly and stuggled out of bed to discover I looked and felt like crap. (Which was confirmed at work where The Boss Man came in at 10:30 and said "You look like crap.") So I went home and stayed there all day long. I watched Season three of Arrested Development, drank copious amounts of tea, finished knitting my sweater and felt sorry for myself. Today I'm at work doing pretty much those same things with the exception of anything fun like knitting and Arrested Development. I am a pathetic sick person. I find it boring and a waste of my time. Yesterday was beautiful and sunny and all I could do was lay on the couch.
But on other topics:
  • Cable was out Monday so I finally got to watch 3rd X-Men. Was disappointing I thought.
  • Made Ginger Pumpkin Bread from Real Food Magazine this month. Needed more zing.
  • Am already worn out and ready to go home
  • It's only 9:37 a.m.


Fall is in the air....

Not actually sunny today, took this on Wednesday. It is overcast and grey so any pics today wouldn't look quite so exciting. Am sitting here feeling sorry for myself, my arm is still VERY sore from the flu shot yesterday. Was a good girl and went to meeting last night despite feeling like crap with numb arm. Good thing I did, no one else was there. We ended early since Local Needs was postponed til next week, so I was in bed by 9:30 - YAY!!



I have counted up my books and discovered the need to pick up the pace. Only 31 books read out of 50. This comes out to roughly 6.33 books per month before December 31st. Why, oh why, did I get basic cable turned back on? Answer: House is on tonight - that is why
But am going to start reading again.