sniffle, sniffle

Well, day 4 of illness has arrived. Exciting, it is not. On the upside: I did finish a new hat and am 1/2 way through a matching fingerless mitt. My new sweater is officially done but unofficially I think I'm going to tear out the neck and re-do it......again. No pictures are forthcoming since I look like crap and I have no one else to pose in the new garments. Such is life.
I ordered two new t-shirts from threadless because (a) I'm so in love with the first one and (b) I am sickly and weak and (c) I so deserve new cute t-shirts. What other choice had I but to fritter money away?
Watched 'The Breakup', please run out and rent ANYTHING BUT THIS MOVIE. Especially if you are sickly and weak, slightly depressed with horrible voice-robbing cold. I wanted to kill myself when it ended.

**Update: Blogger sucks. could have posted friday, but was not allowed


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