slogging along with a head cold (again) and the plumbing's broke.  i think i am cursed.  Somehow blogger isn't letting me upload pictures today either..... weird.
lets think about happy things
  • snow
  • clean kitchen
  • new dishes (grandma's are terrific)
  • finished and wrapped baby presents - and early too! her baby is not coming til MAY.  this is epic for me.....
  • new songs 


knitting continues on a secret scarf project.  i am becoming rather attached to it, might be hard to give it away.....


ready or not.......

i have been reevaluating my health/food choices this week. not sure what has pushed me to this edge but i suppose it may have something to do with the sleeplessness, the exhaustion and all the chiropractor visits of late. i found some recent posts by mighty girl to be especially motivating in my determination to fix things.
as an experiment i cut out meat this week and have added a glass of fresh carrot, orange and apple juice to my morning schedule.
so far, so good