DVR whore

Did anyone watch Reaper last night? GCI is the antichrist and the DVR they have is incapable of doing two things at once, so no reaper for me. Apparently it will have a rerun on thursday but this could conflict with my DVR'ing The Office.
The Sci Fi channel is playing episodes of Dead Like Me on Thursday nights, if you haven't seen this show - you MUST watch it. (It is one of my favorites, what does this say about me?) I DVR'd Bones and House last night but only got Bones watched so far, in between knitting and laughing at text msg from Kelley (one of my erstwhile guests from Jersey.) This is what I was knitting....There is a whole passel of baby knitting that must be done. All baby girls. These may go to Iris though since they are so large. The Pattern is lovely and FREE, from this knitter- I used larger needles than advised....long story. Yarn is Classic Elite Bam Boo, the actual color is more salmon than raspberry (damn digital camera. sorry) It is sooo soft and looks beautiful but very splitty to knit with. They are supposed to have a lovely contrasting color for the top few rows and the the criss-cross ties but I didn't like any of my options. I am going to fix snaps for closure with little button accents on top.
Tonight is DessertFest 2007. Since our friend Mia is leaving town, Beth has invited approx. 20-500 people to my house for Dessert. I have no idea what I am making. Perhaps a repeat of the Apple Spice Cake with Caramel sauce I did a couple weekends ago. I need something easy and fast. And a new digital camera with a food setting, like one i saw recently.........


random sentences from my fridge

This begins a new feature we like to call 'random sentences from my fridge'
have a friend i love to torment (discovered after house guests left, thanks Kelley & Randall)
if you would but expunge the vicissitude
(been there awhile)

Somewhat related, but not really - i love my mac photobooth (more than my digital camera, that is for sure) but is there some way to flip my photo afterward? For instance the above photo....if you see what i mean?

Orangina Finished

She needs a name.....Orangina does not apply. Any ideas?
I told you i loved my photo booth.

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M O N D A y


Personal Confession

We did not have any television reception when i and my sister were young. Our exposure to entertainment consisted of a rented vcr with a movie on special occasions or sketchy movie viewing at my Aunt Karen's house. I remember hiding behind the couch at my aunt's house, terrified during Charade and on a separate occasion, Vertigo (to this day Vertigo leaves me nervous and shaky). This strange isolation from popular entertainment encouraged a great deal of reading and my being mesmerized whenever I did chance upon a glowing television screen.
My cousins kindly taped My Fair Lady for us when it came on tv. However, their copy left something to be desired. The ending for example......
My movie experience ended with the young lover 'Freddy' avowing his love to Eliza. I believed they lived happily ever after, until quite some time later someone informed me otherwise, dashing my young tender expectations. This has led me to speculating that young girls must be drawn to boring, non-confrontational boys, as young and ignorant as they are. This must be why when I first saw Star Wars, I was really very disappointed that it turned out Luke was related to Leia and therefore ineligible as a legitimate suitor. Luke seemed so much less threatening than that 'Scoundrel' Hans Solo (Harrison Ford was soooooo good looking, but not SAFE)

It was not until years later and a re-viewing of many beloved movies that I began to understand why Eliza would choose a crusty Rex Harrision 'enry 'iggins over a young 'Freddy',

DUDE, Rex Harrison was hot!


Weekend (and monday) Wrap-up

  • Went to friends house for gathering on Friday and held her kitten ALL EVENING. (sigh) Made delicious Apple Cake for said event that must have been tasty, because it lasted all of 3 seconds.
  • Saw a BEAR in the morning at the river - close. very, very close. Pictures will be forthcoming when snapfish mails them to me. (My digital camera had no battery life left, so instant gratification is unavailable).
  • Went sightseeing with my company from Jersey in the afternoon, then their son cooked us dinner.
  • Had picnic, went home and my company packed, then on the way to airport we stopped at the river and - saw a BEAR (can you tell it was exciting) EVEN CLOSER THAN LAST TIME. Yes, i almost wet my pants....and took lots of pictures in the twilight, which may or may not have turned out. Then my company caught the plane in the very late evening and I crashed.
  • Worked. Went to the movies with friends and saw The Bourne Ultimatum. Crashed.
My only exciting news is that my cousin Melissa had a little girl yesterday. It is times like this that I am sorry to live so far away. I must get started on something special for little Ellis. Contemplating gift options is so much nicer than thinking about work.........



I apparently have showering OCD

My company is still with me and will continued with me until late Sunday night so knitting was nonexistent yesterday and likely will remain so through the weekend as well..... This is especially sad since I'm into the ribbing on Orangina and if only I had a couple hours she'd be all done. My tree jacket is almost done drying and she is beautiful! I would have worn her to work today but the armpits were still the wee-est bit damp this morning. The lace pattern still flows gently sideways after blocking and is lovely! I should have pictures sometime today or tomorrow....but then again considering my company, probably not.

Me: (yesterday evening, after dinner, blow drying my hair, before putting on a dress and going out.)
Edith (Greatly reminds me of George Costanza's mother; she is currently my company and it seems, my nemesis): Did you take a second shower?
Me: Yes
Edith: You really took a second shower.
Me: Yes
Edith: Well, I don't see why you took a second shower.
Me: (silence, except of course for the blow dryer)
Edith: Didn't you take a shower this morning?
Me: Yes
Edith: AND another shower now.
Me: Yes
Edith: I can see taking a second shower if you were all sweaty from working outside.
(which was not the case). (She waits expectantly, hoping for an explanation as to this odd second showering phenomenon........)
Me: YES, I took a second shower.

Jen, I will try valiantly to take pictures of my guests for you so you can picture them in all their glory. Just be warned, Edith does NOT approve of taking second showers.


Fickle, fickle

Minimalist Cardigan
I have now resolved to use the Cascade 220 wool in Galaxy for the Minimalist Cardigan from Interweave Knits, not Juliet. Here is a stolen picture of color #4006.... Juliet needs to be a brighter color, I just haven't put my finger which one yet. Any suggestions?


Knitting has been nonexistent, but last night I did wash and block my new Tree Jacket. Looking at the Stitchywitch's finished pictures this morning, I saw her lovely spiral pattern that came with knitting the lace section in the round didn't block out and I'm loving her sweater. However, the original pattern picture does not seem to spiral , so last night I blocked it straight. It will probably still spiral a bit, we'll see. Just use your imagination to picture the sweater above in a lovely brown since I don't have any finished proof to offer. I started test knitting yarn for the new Juliet pattern from Zephyr Style. I picked up some Cascade 220 Wool in galaxy at my LYS yesterday. Not sure if I'm loving it enough. Also considered trying out some bulky Grey Lopi Wool I have in the stash. Everything seems SO BIG though, using such large needles and bulky yarn. I love the yarn colors in the sample pattern pictures but don't want to wait for it to be shipped to me. See the lovely options.....
I'm really loving the color and longer length of the second sweater...



where i document my stupidity yet again.....

This time my moment of brilliance includes tearing the house apart mere days before company is to arrive (SATURDAY, yes as in tomorrow).

Created with flickrSLiDR.
That partially light blue, partially white nasty wall used to have hideous wallpaper on it (you can still catch a glimpse of the said wall ornament on the back wall of the hallway. see the nasty handrail? removed it last night in a fit of inconvenient optimism, now there is a giant drop with a lone post jutting up at the bottom (perfect, especially in the home of someone who is notorious for falling on the stairs. I am that clumsy) - somehow i have a feeling there is not enough time before guests arrive to make/ie pull out of my ass, a new one. I'll probably end up reattaching the old one later today. The bottom half of the wall that is white is now (as of late last night) dark blue, I used some left-over paint from the entry way repaint of last year. The moral of this story: do not throw out old paint. In the middle of the night, right before company is to arrive, you may very stupidly decide that the hallway cannot remain the way it is been for countless years, (ugly yes but certainly stress free) and start madly recoloring the walls.
The garden pictures are just because....it was sunny in the morning.


so sad

This is where it sits....
waiting, just waiting.


long weekend......

This is where i spent most the weekend.
I've been a bit under the weather for....well longer than I care to remember. So in aid of recuperation, I spent the mornings resting in front of my window and the afternoon resting on my porch. (until Sunday afternoon when i over optimistically decided to weed whack the side yard and replant a peony. yes i am stupid.) (OH! and then i started ripping out the wallpaper in the hallway - it is now the very ugly and stripy, due to my half-assed job.) Knitting on the Tree Jacket progressed VERY well until I ran out of yarn three inches short of a set of sleeves. I've switched back to the long neglected navy Orangina sweater and almost have the lace portion finished. I wasn't too excited about this knit as of late until I remembered that it is high at the neckline and will cover my hives. Did I mention I've had hives for over a week? how did it slip my memory? It will also go with my new skirt I ordered from Patagonia during their end of summer sale. I've had it for weeks, it's burning a hole in my closet.
My final skein ordered from yarn country for the tree jacket shipped yesterday so hopefully I will get it by friday. I have guests arriving Saturday night so knitting after that will have to be lite.