Personal Confession

We did not have any television reception when i and my sister were young. Our exposure to entertainment consisted of a rented vcr with a movie on special occasions or sketchy movie viewing at my Aunt Karen's house. I remember hiding behind the couch at my aunt's house, terrified during Charade and on a separate occasion, Vertigo (to this day Vertigo leaves me nervous and shaky). This strange isolation from popular entertainment encouraged a great deal of reading and my being mesmerized whenever I did chance upon a glowing television screen.
My cousins kindly taped My Fair Lady for us when it came on tv. However, their copy left something to be desired. The ending for example......
My movie experience ended with the young lover 'Freddy' avowing his love to Eliza. I believed they lived happily ever after, until quite some time later someone informed me otherwise, dashing my young tender expectations. This has led me to speculating that young girls must be drawn to boring, non-confrontational boys, as young and ignorant as they are. This must be why when I first saw Star Wars, I was really very disappointed that it turned out Luke was related to Leia and therefore ineligible as a legitimate suitor. Luke seemed so much less threatening than that 'Scoundrel' Hans Solo (Harrison Ford was soooooo good looking, but not SAFE)

It was not until years later and a re-viewing of many beloved movies that I began to understand why Eliza would choose a crusty Rex Harrision 'enry 'iggins over a young 'Freddy',

DUDE, Rex Harrison was hot!


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