where i document my stupidity yet again.....

This time my moment of brilliance includes tearing the house apart mere days before company is to arrive (SATURDAY, yes as in tomorrow).

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That partially light blue, partially white nasty wall used to have hideous wallpaper on it (you can still catch a glimpse of the said wall ornament on the back wall of the hallway. see the nasty handrail? removed it last night in a fit of inconvenient optimism, now there is a giant drop with a lone post jutting up at the bottom (perfect, especially in the home of someone who is notorious for falling on the stairs. I am that clumsy) - somehow i have a feeling there is not enough time before guests arrive to make/ie pull out of my ass, a new one. I'll probably end up reattaching the old one later today. The bottom half of the wall that is white is now (as of late last night) dark blue, I used some left-over paint from the entry way repaint of last year. The moral of this story: do not throw out old paint. In the middle of the night, right before company is to arrive, you may very stupidly decide that the hallway cannot remain the way it is been for countless years, (ugly yes but certainly stress free) and start madly recoloring the walls.
The garden pictures are just because....it was sunny in the morning.


Blogger Knittypants said...

Well, it sounds stressful, but the new color is great. Sometimes you just have to do things when the moment strikes.

9/10/2007 6:46 PM  

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