long weekend......

This is where i spent most the weekend.
I've been a bit under the weather for....well longer than I care to remember. So in aid of recuperation, I spent the mornings resting in front of my window and the afternoon resting on my porch. (until Sunday afternoon when i over optimistically decided to weed whack the side yard and replant a peony. yes i am stupid.) (OH! and then i started ripping out the wallpaper in the hallway - it is now the very ugly and stripy, due to my half-assed job.) Knitting on the Tree Jacket progressed VERY well until I ran out of yarn three inches short of a set of sleeves. I've switched back to the long neglected navy Orangina sweater and almost have the lace portion finished. I wasn't too excited about this knit as of late until I remembered that it is high at the neckline and will cover my hives. Did I mention I've had hives for over a week? how did it slip my memory? It will also go with my new skirt I ordered from Patagonia during their end of summer sale. I've had it for weeks, it's burning a hole in my closet.
My final skein ordered from yarn country for the tree jacket shipped yesterday so hopefully I will get it by friday. I have guests arriving Saturday night so knitting after that will have to be lite.


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