Weekend Woes

Tuesday my car wouldn't start - not to go into too much boring detail, but given the symptoms I thought it had something to do with my automatic starter installed last winter (called the auto-start man and he said it's was my battery). Car ran fine all week, THEN Friday night at 10: p.m it did it again. Fixing this non-starting problem involves popping the hood, reaching underneath to depress a switch whilst reaching into the car and manually turning the key. Kinda a pain. Especially when it's pouring rain, such as was the case Friday night. Saturday a.m.: same thing happened, only this time the car didn't sound so hot when it started. I left a rather abrupt message for the auto-start man Saturday and he called back for me to bring it down. I spent over an hour in the rain while he grounded off the nasty black junk from my battery and reconnected it. (was very nice and did not charge me to grind off about a inch of nastiness.)He also listened to my driver side window and is going to clean it out for me.
What does a girl do when she is depressed over her car troubles? She starts pricing new stereos to install in the said automobile and spontaneously orders one to be installed next week. So next time she is stuck in a non-starting car, at least she can blast her tunes and stick her arm out the window....into the rain.


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