weekend update 7/07

Friday: broke down and ordered new Harry Potter book from amazon. thought i could hold out, but no, i'm weak. Cast on front and back of Orangina sweater. Started reading a library book friday night to tide me over until amazon order came in.
Saturday: was a little overcast but warm. Went in service and to
Pasagshak beach in afternoon, drank beer, ate red vines, lamp chops and berry pie. played in the sand with the little girls. my other (non-harry potter) order from amazon came in on Saturday morning, so i took 'the good fairies of new york' (ordered because it has an introduction by neil gaiman) to start reading at the beach, didn't get any reading done.
Sunday: Was brilliantly sunny. Went to meeting, than to the beach again in Pasagshak with the little girls. was hot, went swimming in the ocean. got a little crispy in the sun, finally started the book. drank beer, ate cherries. finished off watching bleak house with mum and knitted on my sweater. Discovered a mistake in one side, so i ended up ripping out the back and i'm just knitting on the front now. looks pitifully small considering i'm knitting it on toothpicks (#3, feels like toothpicks after using #9 for market bags).

mum is supposed to leave today, it's kinda foggy, so we'll see.


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